Salma Ahmed

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Salma Ahmed, Electrical Engineer, Drydocks World, Dubai

Salma Ahmed, an Electrical Engineer at Drydocks World, discusses her work and her development all the way from intern, under guidance and support from senior colleagues, into her successful engineering role today.

"DP World has given me many opportunities to grow and excel in my work. I first joined in 2018 when I had the opportunity to do an eight-week internship at Drydocks World in Dubai. That was my first experience in an industrial area – and an electrical workshop. Luckily for me, I was able to focus and ask as many questions as I wanted.

“The team was very helpful and encouraged me to learn about several tasks undertaken at an electrical workshop. I was curious to learn more, and I had the chance to meet other supervisors from different departments.

“As a result, I was able to join them inside the engine room of vessels and see how electrical engineering helps the control room.

Learning Electrical Engineering On The Job

“After graduation, thankfully, P&O Maritime Logistics in Jebel Ali, hired me. My work with Drydocks World helped to demonstrate that I was a good fit. I was honoured to be trained by a team led by such an experienced Electrical Superintendent at P&O Maritime Logistics. He shared high-level expertise and knowledge on the electrical parts of tugboats. I found Tugboats challenging at first, as you are working at sea level and not on the jetty, but I was able to adapt to the circumstances and monitored various electrical parameters.

“I was also able to join several training sessions with the Emergency Response Team led by the Senior ERT Manager. Through these sessions, I was able to learn how fast they respond to any problems.

“After six months of training, I came back to Drydocks World as a supervisor in the Engineering Department. I will soon be completing my third year of experience in several areas of electrical engineering including calculating load balance, lux level of lighting, and even creating 3D modelling. I’m now driving results thanks to my previous experience and learning much more by dealing with live projects.

Achieving Professional Development Through DP World

“Our successful team is led by the Lead Electrical Engineer and the Senior Engineering Manager, who have guided, encouraged, and trusted me to go onboard vessels and ensure that electrical machine installation is executed to international safety standards.

“I am ambitious and interested in growing my managerial capabilities, which will help me to deal with projects professionally. I will be graduating soon with my master’s degree in Engineering Management. Eventually, I want to be able to share my knowledge to make other newcomers excel.

“Our principles influence other aspects of my life as well. For example, I own a small graphic design business and the lessons I have learned at DP World help me to drive results. I’ve learned how to implement different software at my company to create growth, enhancing client satisfaction no matter the challenge."