Seungyeol Lee and Yongjae Kim

Meet our people

Seungyeol Lee and Yongjae Kim, South Korea

Meet Seungyeol Lee and Yongjae Kim, our colleagues from Pusan Newport Company Limited (PNC) in South Korea. They are champions of our sustainability efforts at DP World and here they talk to us about their volunteer work at a local cancer charity for children.

“We work in different teams at PNC, but we met via our terminal’s partnership with the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation and became friends through our passion for helping others.

“The Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation is a fantastic local organisation which provides social services for children with cancer so that they can receive vital medical treatment, giving them and their families hope through various professional support services. For both of us, being given the opportunity to contribute to such a cause through work was truly empowering.”

A charitable Christmastime

“Last Christmas, we volunteered to take part in some special festive activities the foundation had put on for the children.

“We both wanted to ensure the day was as memorable as possible for the little ones. So, throughout the day, we threw ourselves into making bracelets and keychains with the kids as well as playing soccer and basketball with them. There was also a photo zone with Santa Claus, a festive quiz game and a gift exchange which they absolutely adored.

“It was a pleasure to spend time with such a special group of children and make their Christmas a little brighter, but, for us, there was a particular brother and sister who left a big impression on our hearts.

“They were so determined to beat one another in every game they played but, in the end, the older sister won. The younger brother made a sad face because it meant he couldn’t get any coupons to exchange for gifts, so we gave three coupons to the older sister and two to the younger brother for his efforts. It brought a smile to all our faces and meant they could both take Christmas presents home, which was truly heart-warming.”

Making memories that last

“We look back on our day of festive fun with fond memories. When we’re at work, we are so focused on the job at hand, it's rare that we get to think about others outside of the workplace. So, this volunteering opportunity was very refreshing.

“It was also rejuvenating to meet like-minded colleagues who we wouldn’t have otherwise encountered, and to spend time with these amazing children was an experience we’ll never forget. This opportunity made us realise that we can be doing something for ourselves while helping others. We helped them smile but at the same time, the kids also made us smile.

“At DP World, we’re encouraged to volunteer with lots of community causes like this as part of our jobs – and we are so glad to work somewhere that does this. It was rewarding to bring a smile to the faces of the lovely children at the foundation and we have no doubt there are other equally amazing organisations out there that will benefit from our time in the future.”