Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding

Our full service freight forwarding solutions work hand-in-hand with our intercontinental shipping network and our roster of global ports and terminals, making sure we solve any supply chain challenges our customers face.

DP World is on a mission to deliver the best freight forwarding network in the world. One that navigates the challenges of today and transforms trade for the future. Our end-to-end, low friction approach to freight forwarding makes sure goods flow faster, smarter and more sustainably than ever.



Logistics Know-How

Our resilient network of assets across the global supply chain, from ports, to last mile transportation, allow us to create integrated, tailored solutions to any customer need that they can trust.


On-the-ground expertise

Our dedicated freight forwarding teams help guide customers to get the most out of their supply chain requirements through our combination of local knowledge and global reach.


Cutting-edge digital solutions

With a new digital platform that provides a Single Window system, we can increase efficiency and security for our customers. We are transforming freight forwarding to unlock new efficiencies in global trade.


Global Coverage

Our supply chain solutions are integrated with our expansive global network. From ports to local logistics, our solutions have you covered.


Through road, rail air and sea - we get your goods and services wherever they need to be worldwide.

World-class advisory

From customs advisory to tailored solutions for your cargo, our dedicated team unlocks new opportunities for end-to-end connectivity.

Booking Management

On one single platform, we streamline all of our services for customers, allowing booking management to be tailored to your cargo needs.

End-to-end tracking

Track your cargo by container and throughout our multimodal solutions, giving you complete visibility throughout your goods’ journey.

Digital Solutions

Our CARGOES platform helps customers to navigate challenges in the freight forwarding landscape allowing us to speed up your cargo movements.



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We use the latest digital tools for freight forwarding, giving customers greater convenience and transparency. CARGOES Runner and CARGOES Flow are our proprietary tracking solutions for intermodal shipments, allowing for full visibility and status of your cargo. Combined with our global portfolio of ports, terminals and shipping network, we have expertise in packing solutions tailored to a wide array of products and cargo.
CARGOES Runner and CARGOES Flow are two innovations we have integrated into one digital platform for freight forwarding customers. Combined with operational utilization of innovations like BoxBay and use of automation across our global assets, we are spearheading supply chain efficiency.
Our dedicated global and on-ground freight forwarding teams provide local and international knowledge and counsel to freight forwarding customers. This allows our customers to navigate challenging and intricate pathways related to customs and compliance. Years of expertise with local knowledge provides our customers with the overall advantage.
We own a resilient network of assets across the global supply chain, from ports to last mile transportation, allowing us to create integrated, multi-modal and tailored solutions to any customer need.