Ports & Terminals



Our ports and terminals serve as gateways to global trade, connecting a seamless end-to-end network to solve your supply chain challenges.

Our ports provide the world’s smartest, and most seamless, gateways for global trade - from factory floor to customer door.

Our network spans the globe, seamlessly connecting the supply chain today and innovating to create the sustainable trade infrastructure of tomorrow.




With 50+ years of experience led by the pioneering Jebel Ali Port, we offer unmatched knowledge in navigating the complexities of global trade. Delivering tailored solutions for your unique supply chain needs with unparalleled expertise.



We understand that every business is unique. That's why our services are highly customisable to align with your specific requirements, ensuring your supply chain operates seamlessly and optimally.


Seamless integration

Covering ports, terminals, onward transportation, warehousing and more, our end-to-end strategy ensures a streamlined journey for goods from factory floor to customer door. Uninterrupted flow across the entire supply chain, powered by DP World.


Container Services

Our vast network of ports and terminals has the capacity to handle over 90 million TEUs every year.

RoRo & Finished Vehicle Solutions

With 16 RoRo enabled terminals around the world, we are the first choice for OEMs and car carriers.


Across our network we have handled all types of breakbulk, ensuring the quick and seamless movement of the most specialised cargo.

Dry & Liquid Bulk

Our specialised dry & liquid bulk services ensure the safe and secure movement of cargo through our terminal operations.

Crane Services

Our World Crane Services team offer expert advice and practical solutions to bring optimum efficiency to any terminal.

Port-Based Logistics Solutions

We match our world class port infrastructure with enhanced landside logistics capabilities.



Expanding Capacity at DP World Djazair

DP World Djazair, situated at the bustling Port of Algiers, stands as the nexus for North African trade, bridging markets across Europe, the Mediterranean and beyond. Amidst trade opportunities and logistical hurdles, DP World took a concentrated approach, enhancing capacity, slashing wait times and fortifying multi-modal links, all driven by our commitment to superior customer experiences.
The journey began with a comprehensive assessment of North African trade dynamics, unveiling potential bottlenecks that could impede seamless transactions. DP World Djazair transformed through advanced technology and optimised container handling, supported by a $114 million investment. Annual throughput surged from 250k to 755.6k TEUs, halving wait times. DP World Djazair's pioneering video surveillance also ensures cargo security and uninterrupted trade.

Results that are elevating North African commerce

Local exports (excluding oil and gas) surged from 1.5% to 4% in 2022, and DP World Djazair now offers comprehensive end-to-end logistics services. This expansion showcases our unwavering dedication to enhancing trade and propelling North African commerce forward.


DP World operates over 60 Ports and Terminals, which are spread across the world.
We employ automation, digital tracking, integrated zones and advanced technology to ensure secure, efficient and swift cargo transitions.
We proactively manage risks and create a safer work environment by automating some of the more dangerous tasks (for example, container twist locking) and upskilling people in transferrable I.T. skills that also enhances our efficiency.
We collaborate with partners like Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, driving sustainability and innovation in the industry.