Digital Solutions


Revolutionary solutions and systems that will disrupt global port logistics.

Technology has revolutionised the way we do business – and the logistics sector is no exception. From hyperloop delivery systems to automated warehouse stacking, we’re at the cutting edge of disruptive tech.

The DP World difference starts from the very beginning of your logistics journey. With our Cargoes and Searates platforms, you can find the best routes and freight charges for global shipping, along with secure payment and advanced container tracking.

For freight forwarders, we also operate the Digital Freight Alliance – sharing web-based tools to help promote your service offer to customers across the world – and the World Logistics Passport, a unique loyalty programme that creates new trade opportunities for business across Africa, Asia, and Central and South America.


Digital services that support shippers with tracking to ports around the world.

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Enabling cargo owners and consumers to move any amount of goods by sea at the click of a mouse.

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Digital Freight Alliance

Connecting freight forwarders around the world to enhance the growth of their business.

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World Logistics Passport

Increasing resilience in global supply chains and removing the barriers that prevent developing economies from trading freely.

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