Abdallah Massoud Shabaan Moussa

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Abdallah Massoud Shabaan Moussa, Drone Pilot

Abdallah Massoud Shabaan Moussa is an award-winning Drone Pilot, in our Security Department. He joined us in August 2021, a day he says changed his life.

“When I joined the DP World family, I was completely fascinated. This is such a huge company that spans continents and at the same time is doing such valuable work in enabling global trade.”

As a drone pilot, Abdallah uses commercial drones for several purposes. Day-to-day, the drones help with inspections and surveys inside the port to make sure it is safe and secure but are also used to capture images and video for use internally and externally.

“Drones give us a broader perspective and give our Team Leader a fuller picture of a particular place that usually we would not see from ground level.

A Dream Come True

“I had always dreamt of working with drones. In college, there was a course on creativity, and we watched a lot of films that had been produced by drones. That is when I developed a passion for this field of technology. Then, I was studying law at Al Wasl University in Dubai and there was an opportunity to learn about drones and my passion for them continued to grow. By God’s grace, I was able to enter many drone-related competitions. I won some and I lost some, but the defeats made me more determined to learn and develop myself.”

Those competitions were considerably high profile too – the UAE Hackathon, Dubai Customs’ Al Furdah Datathon, GITEX Expo 2019 and 2020, the first Innovation Expo – Dubai, and the Al Wasl Innovation competition.

“Being able to work in this field is a blessing to me. I love technology. In fact, technology is advancing so rapidly that it is changing the world today. The future is incredibly exciting."

Room To Grow

Once he started with us in 2021, he was able to put his drone training into practice. While there was more to learn about the use of commercial drones at ports, he is now so proficient that he is a certified trainer in our Drone Department.

“Thankfully, all my own trainers were always available to help me grow in this field. They made time for me anytime I needed it and now I train new colleagues on drone operations. There are so many practical uses for drones at ports and at our company. They provide a whole new perspective and that is important when we are talking about an industry that is as expansive and large as ours.”