Abdulrahman bin Haider

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Abdulrahman bin Haider, Director of World Logistics Passport

Meet Abdulrahman bin Haider, Director of World Logistics Passport in our Digital Trade Solutions team. He joined DP World as a participant in the 20Xel programme, dedicated to nurturing Emirati talent, and his career has flourished ever since.

“The 20Xel programme was immediately appealing to me as its goals included the pursuit of nurturing the vast potential of Emirati youth. This programme has emerged as a transformative talent development initiative and is meticulously designed to immerse its members in diverse environments, fostering their personal and professional growth. By benchmarking against the distinctive leadership style of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it propels participants into executive-level workspaces, which gave me an invaluable opportunity to observe, learn and adapt to the practices of top-tier management.

“When I reflect on my own journey and how it started, I recall the pivotal moment when I transitioned from academia to a professional setting. It became clear that, beyond an enticing starting salary, what I truly needed was an environment that would nurture my potential and enable me to gain knowledge that is indispensable for excelling in my career.”

Embracing opportunities

“My most cherished memory from the programme involves my two-year overseas assignment in the United States. While there, I was deeply immersed in a transformative digital project aimed at disrupting the industry landscape. Our journey began with the 6-month pilot phase: collaborating closely with seasoned executives from one of the world’s biggest technology companies. Once we had successfully completed this phase, we earned the official green light for the project's full-scale launch. This milestone marked the establishment of our dedicated team and workspace in Seattle. The journey had its highs and lows, successes and invaluable lessons, and was nothing short of thrilling and a privilege to be a part of.

“Looking back at it, the most valuable thing I learned from this was practical experience in people skills. In any career, you will inevitably collaborate with individuals with a rich array of talents and teams with a diversity of strengths. This forms the foundation of success, and with effective leadership, you can always achieve success.”

Applying the knowledge

“I currently hold a leadership role for the World Logistics Passport initiative, which is the world first global multi-model logistics loyalty programme. Drawing on everything I have learned from my journey in the 20Xel programme, I am confident we can continue our growth and learn in exciting new ways. I love everything about my role – but I especially enjoy the constant excitement, the diverse teams I work with and the freedom to implement changes in how we work.

“One of my greatest experiences so far was from when I conducted an African Roadshow back in 2021. The aim of this was to promote the WLP brand and strengthen our network in the region. The roadshow included visits to countries such as Kenya, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Morocco, and it concluded in Egypt. This was filled with real-life lessons and memories that I will never forget.”

Looking forward

“As I move forward in my career, my ambition is to continue advancing and establish WLP as an internationally renowned institution dedicated to facilitating trade between economies. I want to forge strategic integrations for WLP with key entities based in the UAE, bolstering Dubai's status as a prominent global trading hub.”