Magdalena Stahulakova

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Magdalena Stahulakova, Senior Launch Manager at syncreon

Family has been a key driver for Magdalena Stahulakova, a Senior Launch Manager at syncreon, Slovakia. It was her father who sparked the love of technology that led her to join syncreon in 2018. Now she is inspiring her own children to follow their dreams.


“My father inspired me to pursue the career I have today. He was an extremely smart man who explained to me that our world needed more people in the industry. He was also an advocate for women in leadership, especially in technology.  

“So, with his encouragement, I secured a place at the University of Technology, Slovakia, where I studied for my master's in science. From there, I went on to work at Samsung and then Sharp. I was then lucky enough to join JVC in Shanghai, spending a few years working with some of China’s largest state companies.  

A Drive To Work In Automotive

“Fast forward to 2016, I was back in Slovakia having what would be my last ever lunch with my father. We were dining at a restaurant that overlooked the country’s Jaguar Land Rover Nitra (JLRN) site. I told him I wanted to work in the automotive industry, but I was worried about whether it would be possible as I had no experience. I'll never forget what he said to me: ‘You will work there, Magdalena. Maybe not for JLRN directly, but at this plant for sure.’   

A Dream Realised   

“He was right. On July 15, 2018, my dream came true – I joined syncreon as a Senior Launch Operation Manager for their automotive board, working closely with JLRN.   

“Day-to-day, I oversee the creation of new vehicle models for JLRN. To date, these have included the Discovery, the Defender 110 and 90, and the new Defender 130. Now we’re working on the 75th-anniversary edition of the Defender.   

“I manage the logistics behind delivering the unique parts that make up these vehicles, ensuring everyone from engineering to data integrity has the equipment they need to do their jobs. This can be challenging, particularly when I need to set up new operations and keep everyone on the factory floor aligned, but I love it. No day is the same!   

Women In STEM   

“As you can probably imagine, there aren’t many women on my team – in fact, there are just three! But we are all in supervisor positions and lead a fantastic team. Our success is thanks to the ongoing mentorship from our managers. They have not only helped me achieve the position I hold today but they encourage a fair and equal environment for everyone, regardless of gender.   

“For any female colleagues out there wanting to switch careers or pursue a job that might be more male-dominated, I say stay strong and don’t give up! We have so much to bring to the role as women – the ability to listen and care for others, as well as being open to learning new things. And don’t worry about how being career-driven will impact your family. I am a mother and I find my drive is an inspiration for my children. If you make time for them and separate family life from your professional life, you will succeed and thrive.”