Community engagement

Community engagement


DP World wants to play its part in society and take care of the environment in which we operate.

Social sponsorships

DP World has a number of partnerships with sports associations to make a difference in terms of diversity, the empowerment of women, inclusion, opportunities, and well-being:

“Antwerp City Pirates” girls’ football team

Since 2020, DP World has been a partner of the girls’ team of Antwerp City Pirates, a socially engaged football club active in socially disadvantaged districts of Antwerp.

Belgian Special Olympics

DP World sponsored the 2019 Belgian Special Olympics, a sports competition for athletes with intellectual disabilities, held in Beveren.

Relay For Life Beveren

Relay For Life Beveren

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Think Pink Race for the Cure

Think Pink Race for the Cure

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City Pirates invests in the generations of tomorrow: the future leaders, employees, and customers. In this respect, partnerships with companies are a constructive exchange. The support from DP World also allows us to expand our girls’ activities.

Michiel De Visschere, General Manager KSC City Pirates

Charity donations

Each year, DP World supports numerous associations that make a valuable contribution to society or have a link to the company through its employees.

Employee support for charity

Each year, DP World sponsors a number of charitable projects in which employees are actively involved or engaged (e.g. as volunteers). Employees involved in a project can apply for financial support, which is then assessed by the internal Charity Committee. We have supported the following projects:

  • 2020: SuperNils, Hope Benefiet, and KOMOK (all related to cancer) and VOC Kieldrecht (shelter for birds and wild animals).
  • 2021: Gielsbos (care centre for people with disabilities), AZ Monica (regional hospital)

Other campaigns

DP World joins forces with various organisations and projects in the field to jointly implement projects that benefit our environment, our employees, and our stakeholders.

Moeders voor Moeders (mothers for mothers)

Each year, DP World organises a collection of clothing, care products, and toys for Moeders voor Moeders, an organisation that supports underprivileged women and families in Antwerp.

Go Green tree planting

During the global Go Green campaign run by the 4 main terminal operators, we donated and planted trees together with other terminal operators (PSA/MPET/PSA) to create a forest in the Edegem stream valley together with Natuurpunt.

Containers for Congo

DP World donated two containers to Balunda Ba Mikalayi, a non-profit organisation that is working to rebuild a hydraulic power station in Congo to provide electricity to hospitals, schools, and families in the area.

YOUCA Action Day

During the YOUCA (Youth for Change and Action) Day, students work at companies and donate their wages for the day to KIYO youth projects in Brazil and the Philippines. DP World recruited a student to work in the technical administration department for one day.

Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships makes medical and surgical care accessible to those most in financial need. With the largest private hospital ship in the world, they sail to countries in Africa where people do not have access to affordable medical and surgical care. DP World purchased aid packages and visited the vessel during its call at Antwerp.

Human Business

DP World worked with the Human Business organisation to donate surplus office furniture to local schools and associations following the move to the new operations building.


In 2020, DP World took the following initiatives to support the local community during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Voluntary work: three employees carried out 123 hours of corporate volunteering during their working hours in healthcare institutions to assist medical staff and caregivers
  • Donation of face masks to a nearby residential care centre with shortages
  • Applause at the terminal for healthcare workers on the frontline of COVID-19