New Initiatives

New Initiatives

Through continuous investment in new and existing initiatives, DP World is committed to improving safety. 

New straddle carrier parking and refuelling area

At the new straddle carrier parking area, since 2022 it has been possible to enter the driver’s cabin at height via a staircase rather than via vertical ladders on the machine itself. This reduces the risk of falling. There is also a new refuelling area, with a more accessible filler cap for the technical staff via a platform. On this same platform, drivers can exit the cabin at height and clean the outside of their cab windows. The new parking and refuelling area can be safely reached on foot from the new operations building via a footbridge and separate walkways. Watch a movie about the new straddle carrier infrastructure at DP World in Antwerp.

Impact gloves

The mandatory wearing of impact gloves by container lashers was extended on 1 July 2019 to include pinners (the workers under the crane who fit and remove twist locks on containers). Although these protective gloves significantly reduce the number and severity of hand and finger injuries, they are not a cure-all. In 6 out of 8 serious occupational accidents in 2021, a finger was broken, and impact gloves were worn in 4 of these. The severity of the injuries was reduced by the impact gloves.

Lashing and securing injury prevention project

An injury prevention project for lashing and securing was initiated by the port community and CEPA’s safety department. Lashing and unlashing containers on board a ship is an ergonomically demanding task, which is why there is a constant drive for improvement. CEPA initiated a project with the University of Antwerp and the port companies involved (including DP World) to look for possible improvements. Currently, the “product development” subproject explores the development of new/better tools, while the “service design” subproject looks at training with a strong focus on ergonomics. DP World is actively participating in this project in order to reduce the number of (strain) injuries among lashers.

Snapshots: interaction with employees

Senior management and direct supervisors meet regularly with employees on site to discuss safety and environmental regulations. Through discussions on safety awareness and behavioural adjustments, we hope to further reduce the number of incidents at the terminal and improve the safety culture. Unfortunately, although the number of snapshots conducted in 2019 was very high, they had to be suspended in 2020 and 2021 because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Zero tolerance on alcohol and drugs at the terminal

Since 2016, preventive alcohol and drug tests have been carried out on employees. If problematic use is diagnosed by the occupational physician in the event of a positive alcohol or drug test, DP World provides a counselling course for alcohol and/or drug addiction at the external service for prevention and protection at work, Mediwet. As soon as the pandemic allows, the number of alcohol and drug tests will be increased again. In relation to the number of tests carried out, the results indicate that this still remains a point of concern.