Contract Logistics Services

Contract Logistics

Unrivalled contract logistics services, geared to your specific business needs


We offer next-level customised solutions. Whether your focus is on technology, healthcare, chemicals, automotive or any other type of industry: our logistics services optimally meet your needs throughout Europe and beyond. Always of the highest quality, providing state-of-the-art dedicated and multi-client warehouses, together with a comprehensive range of fully flexible extras to deliver maximum efficiency.

In Belgium, we are currently serving you through multi-client warehouses for respectively packed chemicals and technology. Our logistics experts will work with you in creating new, dedicated warehouse solutions, as we already have in operation in Belgium for the automotive industry. We seamlessly support all your production processes and helps you to optimally serve your markets in both Belgium and across Europe


Customer always first

Whatever your product and requirements: we always offer you a tailor-made logistics solution to optimally support your business.

If it does not exist yet, we will create it

Our logistics engineering experts will not stop until they find you the optimal service. If it does not exist yet, we will create it. Both to provide you with the perfect warehouse solution and everything that comes with this.

A leader in value-add solutions

We give warehousing a new dimension. Let us take care of everything your product requires. At DP World we make the impossible possible.

Your one-stop logistics shop

Managing your supply chains from factory floor to customer door, simplifying contract logistics services for all.

Champions of efficiency

Using the latest technology, we boost supply chain visibility, eradicate inefficiencies and increase resiliency.



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P&O Ferrymasters builds new 10,000m2 warehouse

P&O Ferrymasters builds new 10,000m2 warehouse at Genk in Belgium to offer port-centric logistics solutions

P&O Ferrymasters today announces it has entered into an agreement with Belgium-based Genk Green Logistics to build a 10,000 square metre state-of-the-art warehouse near the Port of Genk in Belgium, further enhancing its pan-European rail, road and warehousing network at a critical time for international trade and economic recovery.

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DP World to start development of Banana Port

DP World to start development of Banana Port in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

DP World, a leading global provider of end-to-end logistics solutions, is set to start the development of the deep sea port at Banana, following agreement on amendments to the initial contract between the company and the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Automotive Logistics Empowers Asian Manufacturers

How Automotive Logistics Can Empower Asian Manufacturers On A Global Scale

Asian countries have long held dominance over the finished vehicle export market. South Korea and Japan, for long the leaders in this industry, have now been surpassed by the new powerhouse – China.

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Our core quality is creating customer-specific solutions. We can fully tailor our WMS to the customer's needs. After all, customer requirements are never standard. We can meet them and fast too! Our customers are often surprised how quickly we can respond. For example, between the moment a decision is made for a warehouse expansion and the moment it goes live.
Everyone in logistics is always talking about robots and automation, but making them work properly and effectively requires really understanding the customer. Our in-house engineering teams are fully equipped to do so and talk to the customer every day to come up with optimal solutions. That is different from 'just' embedding a robot in a standard process.