Our Approach to Sustainability

Enabling smarter trade to create a better future for everyone.

Our World, Our Future

As a global logistics leader, DP World enables smarter trade to create a better future for everyone. DP World’s ‘Our World, Our Future’ sustainability strategy guides our approach. It helps us to work in a responsible way that prioritises sustainability and impact on the people, communities and environment in which we operate.

Global trade has been an enormous force for good in recent decades. But it’s increasingly clear that this growth is not without consequence – from the scale of energy required to make, move and use goods to the resource intensity of logistics and the challenges economic growth can bring. As a leading enabler of global trade, we believe we have the tools, ingenuity and drive to lead a revolution in logistics.

We do this by using new smart technologies to make our operations more sustainable. In doing so, we cut energy and resource use, and create a fairer and more connected planet. The ‘Our World, Our Future’ strategy is designed to deliver responsible operations. At the same time, it prepares us for a radical shift in how business in general, and logistics in particular, respond to the great challenges of climate change, education and social inequality.

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Find out more about our sustainable realisations of 2019-2021 in our sustainability report.

Sustainable Development Goals

DP World’s ‘Our World, Our Future’ strategy is split into two components which align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our World: Seven Priorities

‘Our World’ focuses on the efforts we are making today to operate as a responsible business across seven priority areas: safety, security, wellbeing, ethics, community engagement, climate change, people development. It is delivered through ambitious commitments, to be achieved by 2030.

Our Future: Three Legacies

‘Our Future’ looks beyond our business to address the lasting legacy we can create for our industry and society. It focuses on three areas where we can make a positive difference for future generations: Women, Education and Water. We have set out a series of pledges to be delivered by 2030.

To deliver our strategy we are working with leading organisations, partners, individuals and institutions.