Building a safe and resilient society

Building a safe and resilient society

In Antwerp, DP World is known by its customers for its productivity, sustainable technology, and excellent intermodal connectivity that enables smart trading.


Sustainable Link In Intermodal Transport

Given its location in the Port of Antwerp, DP World is fully committed to offering multimodal transport. Although the customer ultimately decides which form to use, we are in a position to facilitate the different modes of transport.


Community Engagement

DP World has a number of partnerships with sports associations to make a difference in terms of diversity, the empowerment of women, inclusion, opportunities, and well-being.

Community engagement

Educational Initiatives

DP World supports young people in their training and first steps in the world of work. We help them to expand their knowledge of the port, the logistics chain, and DP World.


Ethical Business Practices

DP World wants its activities to have a long-term positive effect on the economy and society. This is why we set high ethical, professional, and legal standards for ourselves and for the way we do business.