Sara Al Janahi

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Sara Al Janahi, Senior Manager, Business Development, UAE

Meet Sara Al Janahi who works as a Senior Manager on our Business Development team in Dubai, UAE. Sara is currently participating in our 20Xel Talent Development Programme, a platform that aims to accelerate the development and growth of Emirati talent through a series of world-class development and performance opportunities. She tells us about her journey through the programme, around our business and our global network.

“My path with DP World has already been an incredible adventure, full of challenges, growth and empowerment.

“Before I joined DP World, I was a Student Development Officer at Marymount University, focusing on helping international students navigate the challenges of studying abroad. Little did I know that this experience would ignite my passion for empowerment and set the stage for my future endeavours.

Guidance from senior management

“At university, I developed a unique blend of skills thanks to my bachelor’s degree in arts and mathematics and fluency in Spanish. And joining DP World’s 20Xel Programme felt like it was designed especially for people like me; hungry for challenges and eager to carve out a distinctive career path. The prospect of shadowing and learning from C-level management was truly motivating. With DP World's support, I embarked on this transformative journey, exploring various functions and global locations, and even crafting my own development plan with guidance from senior management, including Mahmood Al Bastaki, the COO, Digital Trade Solutions.

“My favourite memory from the programme was presenting to the board of executives three years ago. That experience really built up my courage and confidence as I shared the results of my assignment in the Dominican Republic. It was a moment that encapsulated the spirit of empowerment I felt on the programme.

Never be shy to ask questions

“Perhaps the most valuable lesson I learned was one that our Chairman emphasised in a meeting – "Never be shy to ask questions; it is the key to learning." This mantra became my guiding principle as I fearlessly sought knowledge, embracing every opportunity to expand my horizons.

“I now proudly hold the title of Senior Manager in Business Development. My role involves shaping the company's trajectory through strategic initiatives and innovative solutions. What I enjoy most about working at DP World is the boundless opportunities that surround me if I'm alert enough to seize them. Change is the only constant, and DP World is a place where that change is celebrated and harnessed for growth.

“My journey at DP World has been nothing short of remarkable. The company's commitment to my well-being, growth and education has created a unique working environment. Interacting with colleagues from around the world has broadened my perspective, fostering an open-mindedness that has enriched both my professional and personal life. My journey continues, fueled by empowerment, growth and the unwavering support of DP World.”