Felix Perez

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Felix Perez, Advanced Training and Assessment Programme Supervisor

Felix Perez, an Advanced Training and Assessment Programme (ATAP) Supervisor at our Caucedo terminal in the Dominican Republic, has been part of our family since March 2019. He shares how his career has evolved during his time with us and sheds some light on his day-to-day work.


"My DP World story started when I applied for an internship with the facilities department in Caucedo, where I worked on standardising the terminal’s air conditioning system. 

"However, I never limited myself to this work alone. At every possible moment, I leapt at the opportunity to gain experience in other areas of the business. Doing this gave me insight into Technical Planning, which I enjoyed so much that I applied to become a Technical Process Clerk. 

"As a clerk, I modified procedures for our electrical and mechanical technicians, with a special focus on crane maintenance and Inner Terminal Vehicles. This experience taught me to analyse data to extend the life of our heavy equipment. 

Data Analyst

"While I enjoyed these activities, I still loved thinking of new ways to develop company processes. My love of collaborating with others started to be seen in other departments, which opened the doors to our People department as a Data Analyst.  

"During my time as a Data Analyst, I saw an opportunity to improve efficiency and workflows using the Microsoft suite, so I decided to create a six-module training session which could be accessed remotely. Each session was an hour long and focused on Excel, Outlook, and OneDrive training. This was beneficial for our team because it improved our day-to-day office tasks such as data reporting, reducing the time these things take while increasing the accuracy of our data files.  

ATAP Trainer

"I used my initiative in the training course and that caught the attention of our Labour Manager, who invited me to join his team as an ATAP Trainer, training staff for the different programmes and certifications we use.  

"It wasn’t long before I became an ATAP Trainer Supervisor. I now have wide exposure to the global business, supporting projects such as CARGOES Rostering with Head Office and the Data Lake team, our business’s new division for collating data from all business units to create informed improvement plans. 

"Wherever you work or whatever you do at our company, we all have a common purpose: to facilitate global commerce based on the latest technologies that can be implemented for end-to-end supply chain services. It is very exciting to join efforts with peers from different cultures and points of view. And the wider exposure I’ve gained from collaborating on a global level has helped me to do more of what I love.”