What do I Need to do Next?

What Do I Need To Do Next?

Information for cargo owners, exporters, shipping agents, freight forwarders and hauliers

Cargo owner/exporter

Please contact your nominated shipping agent or freight forwarder to instruct them to ask DP World to weigh your containers or determine how you will obtain a VGM and ensure they communicate this to DP World via our CNS Compass system.

Shipping agent/freight forwarder

Please ensure that you have a valid CNS Compass access licence and that you are familiar with the process for logging VGM.

Here is an overview and online training videos.


No additional actions are required. Your truck and box will be processed as per normal operational procedures.

CNS Compass

CNS Compass enables the trade and regulatory bodies to move cargo swiftly through ports and inland facilities.

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Costs and Billing

A breakdown of fees and the VGM payment process with port community system CNS Compass.

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Why Does My Container Have To Be Weighed?

All export containers must have a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) declared before they are loaded on board vessels.

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Frequency Asked Questions

All the fine details you might want to know about container weighing.

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