Why Does My Container Need to be Weighed?

Why does my container have to be weighed?

All export containers must have a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) declared before they are loaded on board vessels

Regulations for container weighing

Under SOLAS regulations, every laden export container must have its weight verified before it is loaded onto a ship.

The shipper is responsible for providing the VGM of a container regardless of who actually packs it.

DP World offers shippers an efficient service to weigh laden export containers at our UK terminals.

Those shippers choosing to provide their own certified weight need to ensure that the VGM is communicated sufficiently in advance to be used in preparation of the vessels stowage plan.

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has issued a guidance note on the implementation of the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations.

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Frequency Asked Questions

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How Does It Work?

At DP World Southampton we provide you with fully compliant and verified weighing solutions to meet the International Maritime Organisation legislation.

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What Do I Have To Do Next?

More information for cargo owners, exporters, shipping agents, freight forwarders and hauliers.

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