Agreement and Registration

Agreement and Registration

To register for a VBS Premium account, please download the ‘Agreement to access VBS Premium’ forms below.

Agreement to access VBS Premium

For an account to be formed the below sections must be completed:

  • Agreement to access VBS Premium
  • Direct debit

On completion of these documents, please return them via email to [email protected]

Upon receiving these documents you will be contacted with your login details within 48 hours (Monday- Friday).

Passenger in cab

Unauthorised passengers are NOT permitted on the terminal. High value cargo & driver training permits a passenger, with 24hrs prior authorisation.

Please provide the following information and email to [email protected]. Monitored from 08:30-17:00 Monday to Friday.

Passenger in cab details template *example*

Haulier account name: DPWS Transport

Drivers First and Last name: Jo Bloggs

Passengers First and Last name: John Smith

Registration: DP77 ABC

Date/Duration: 01/01/2020 TO 05/01/2020

Reason: Driver Awareness training.