Terminal Awareness Course (TAC) and Driver ID Cards

Terminal Awareness Course (TAC) and Driver ID Cards

DP World Southampton have some exciting new programmes and features coming on stream aimed at improved health, safety and security features, landside visibility and process efficiency, linked with the new Gate Complex and Truck Park operational later this year.

The first initiative to be rolled out is the introduction of the Terminal Awareness Course (TAC), compulsory for all drivers alongside a new Driver Registration System providing drivers with a Driver ID Card.

To ensure the safety and security of all truck drivers visiting DP World Southampton and those operating around them, truck drivers are required to be familiar with the terminals processes and the safety and security regulations prior to arrival

To do this, all drivers must be registered in the Cargoes Driver Registration System (DRS). If you are an existing Cargoes Platform user, you will need to add ‘DP World Southampton’ as a provider to your existing registered account. You must not register for a new account. For further information please see the below guides:


Drivers must also complete the Terminal Awareness Course (TAC) which they will receive via email, once they have registered their application in the Cargoes Driver Registration System (DRS). After the driver has completed the TAC, they will be equipped with a Driver ID Card. The TAC is mandatory for each driver and failure to undertake the course will be viewed as a breach of terminal requirements.


The TAC is an essential tool to provide drivers with the knowledge to operate safely and efficiently within the Terminal, together with preparing for the new Gate Complex and ensuring all Port Users have a suitable level of understanding and knowledge to operate on the Terminal safely.



Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to access the Cargoes Driver Registration System (DRS).

  • Haulage companies
  • Subcontracted haulage companies
  • Driver agency companies
  • Any other limited/registered company.

The sign-up window is now open, please head to the Cargoes Driver Registration System (DRS) to begin registering your company and drivers.

As of 29th March 2024, the Driver Awareness Certificate is no longer accepted at DP World Southampton. All truck drivers operating at DP World Southampton must now hold a valid Driver ID Card / valid awaiting ID Card email to gain access to the terminal.

Yes, please register your driver and ensure they complete the Terminal Awareness Course (TAC) and assessment. Once the assessment has been successfully passed, the driver will receive a dated email which they will need to present to security whilst waiting for their ID Card in the post. Please note this email will only be accepted for 10 days from the date it is issued.

We require passport style photographs for the drivers, as these will be printed directly onto the ID Cards. We do not accept photographs taken of forms of ID e.g., a photograph taken of the driver’s photo on a driving license.

All Driver ID Cards must be directly issued to the relevant driver. The ID Cards are the property of the individual drivers and not the haulage company who registered them in the system. Drivers will not be able to operate at DP World Southampton without a physical ID card after the 10-day grace period has passed.

Please request a replacement Driver ID Card in the Cargoes Driver Registration System (DRS). Click here to view the lost Driver ID Card user guide. Please note replacement Driver ID Cards will be charged as per the Vehicle Booking System (VBS) Tariff.

The haulage company must register the driver on the Cargoes Driver Registration System (DRS) which will trigger an email notification to the driver’s email address.

The driver will receive a link via their declared email address to view the Terminal Awareness Course (TAC) and a unique link to complete the assessment. Once the assessment has been successfully passed by the driver, their ID Card will be created and dispatched to the address declared when registering the driver.

Please ensure the driver’s details are inputted correctly to avoid wrong details being registered.

We aim to process applications within 12-24 hours for the initial security check. During this time, the driver’s application will show as ‘Awaiting Approval’. This is a manual check where the uploaded forms of ID are cross-checked against the application and then approved or rejected accordingly. 

If the application is successful and approved, the application will transition to ‘Partially Approved’ and the driver will receive an email containing the Terminal Awareness Course (TAC) and assessment.

Please email [email protected] with the following information:


The Terminal Awareness Course (TAC) is an annual course that drivers are required to undertake. It is based on a 3-year cycle, £50 for year 1, £35 for year 2, and £35 for year 3, and is then repeated.

The difference in cost for the first year of the cycle represents the various infrastructure and IT / system functionality phases that will be implemented in the future.

Payment will be collected via Direct Debit Mandate in the Cargoes Driver Registration System (DRS). A charge will be taken for each driver that is registered (driver’s first year = year 1 charge).

A notification email will be sent to the driver’s registered email address when the annual Terminal Awareness Course (TAC) is due for renewal.

Yes, to continue using their ID Card and remain compliant, all drivers will need to re-sit the annual Terminal Awareness Course (TAC) and assessment.

Terminal Map


Please download a copy of our terminal map showing which routes drivers need to take for Pre-Gate, Transfer Areas, and the Empty Parks.


Southampton container terminal map