Unbeatable Combination

End to end, door to door, tracked, traced, low-carbon, secure, cost-effective and, of course, on time: never before has moving goods from 'A' to 'B' been so demanding.

We have the Isle of Wight and our upriver location to thank for our remarkably sheltered position. Protected from the prevailing winds, it takes some pretty rough conditions to stop us working. Our cranes continue to load and unload some of the largest ships in the world when strong winds force other ports to halt operations.

Retailers depend on swift, slick, efficient and highly complex supply chains to bring their goods from all over the world to the shop shelf. Time is money. Often we are talking about 15 minute delivery windows. Reliability is vital.

We understand the pressure on our customers. We recognise our role as a vital link in the supply chain, and we are confident that our own strengths and efficiencies make us a link they can depend on.

Our customers tell us we are the most productive terminal for shipside and landside operations in the UK. We intend to stay that way.

We are not a ‘stand-alone’ operation; we never forget that what happens in the container terminal can have a significant knock-on effect further along the supply chain.

Underlying everything we do is a dedication to productivity and customer service.

Performance that counts

Thanks to consistently our performing other ports for efficiency and shipside productivity with minimal weather disruption.

Loading or unloading, ships, trucks or trains, DP World Southampton leads the way in productivity. It’s a matter of pride – we like to be record-breakers! We set the standards that others try to follow:

High vessel productivity: we’ve achieved a 20% increase in crane handling rates, and we are still improving.

We average a half-hour turn around for trucks dropping and collecting containers, well ahead of the UK standard.

We work in close cooperation with the rail operators, so we can prioritise boxes for rail – ensuring that the boxes are where they’re needed, when they’re needed. By providing a reliable, efficient service, we help to ensure that container trains out of DP World Southampton run full, maximising the benefits all round.

We believe in consistency. Ours is a determined team effort, with working agreements, systems and equipment deployment combining to deliver the best service.