Costs and Billing

Costs and Billing

A breakdown of fees and the VGM payment process

How much does it cost?

DP World has made substantial investments to facilitate the weighing of containers without impacting on the efficiency of our operational processes.

We will also continue to invest in the maintenance of our equipment to ensure that our weighing solutions are fully compliant with the regulations as published by the MCA.

See our tariff page for a breakdown of fees for our container weighing services.

How will you bill me?

Billing for container weighing takes place through the VGM process with our port community system CNS Compass.

Shipping lines will be able to assign a code for the export booking agent or shipper in the port community system CNS Compass, similar to the clearance agent for import containers. The shipper or agent must be a contracted customer of CNS. If shippers do not have an existing badge with CNS Compass they can register for a VGM only badge with limited functionality related to the VGM of containers. The costs of such a VGM only badge are covered by the charges mentioned above.

Register VGM with CNS

The CNS online application form can be found here

The fees for container weighing/VGM declarations will be charged to the nominated party unless this code is not filled in, in which case the charge defaults to the shipping line, who will pass the charge on.

CNS Compass

CNS Compass enables the trade and regulatory bodies to move cargo swiftly through ports and inland facilities.

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Why Does My Container Have To Be Weighed?

All export containers must have a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) declared before they are loaded on board vessels.

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Frequency Asked Questions

All the fine details you might want to know about container weighing.

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