On foot access to DP World London Gateway is:

  • a reliable form of travel
  • good for your health
  • good for the environment

Walking to work

Distances to the port site from local residential areas is generally in excess of what is considered a reasonable walking distance to work (800m). However, for those who do wish to walk to work, off road footway facilities are available to the east side of the DP World London Gateway site access road from the Sorrells to the No.1 London Gateway building (via the blue bridge).

Suitable pedestrian crossing facilities are also provided in the vicinity of the Sorrells roundabout junction which provide connection to the wider local network of pedestrian facilities.

Transfers from No.1 London Gateway to the port site can be requested at the No.1 reception desk or by calling the site security office on 01375 648595.

Walking for Leisure

The port has implemented new bridleway links in the vicinity. These can be accessed from either end of the blue bridge (over the site access road) to Wharf Road (to the east) or to the A1014 (to the west). These link to wider Public Rights of Way including the Thames Estuary Path. Information regarding leisure routes can be obtained by clicking on the link to the Thurrock Travel App. Additionally the Thames Estuary Path (click link below) provides an excellent source of information regarding local estuary walking routes.

For more details about Thames Estuary Path