Planet Mark

Working to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are continually working to reduce our carbon footprint. One of the ways we do this is by working with Planet Mark - a certification programme recognising commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability.

We have also committed to certifying every new building on our Logistics Park.

Planet Mark accreditations for park warehouses have calculated reductions in carbon emissions during build ranging from 16 – 32% and a total CO2e reduction of 12,805 tonnes.

Part of The Planet Mark certification programme involves sustainability workshops in local primary schools with the Eden Project.

The programme includes:

  • The Planet Mark Certification for Schools, measuring the school’s carbon footprint, and engaging staff, students and parents in environmental sustainability in fun and interactive ways. It enables staff and student-led carbon reduction initiatives to save money and carbon from energy, water and waste and creates a legacy of sustainability awareness as students progress through education and careers.
  • Workshops for schools Curriculum-based full day programmes working with students both inside and outside of the classroom to help them connect with the environment. The Eden Project’s Education Team use a variety of age appropriate fun and engaging activities, including teachers as well as pupils, to encourage the continuation of sustainability education.

Plots certified: 6

How many schools: 5

How many pupils: 355 in workshops, 513 in assemblies

The outcomes: 72,387 tco2e measured; 23,861 tCO2e saved; 10,518 tCO2e embodied carbon saved; 24% average carbon reduction this is over 90,667 sqm or 975,930sqft that has been certified.

Number of years: 5 years

“The Planet Mark gives the Eden Project a fantastic opportunity to share its aim of connecting people with the living world and each other.”

Sam Kendall, Education Manager, Eden Project