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Book now to drop off or collect a container.

If you have a London Gateway Vehicle Booking System (VBS) user or a registered driver you can book a vehicle to drop off or collect a container.

To book a vehicle click here.

Driver ID cards

To comply with DfT rules and regulations, together with assisting haulage firms with the management of obtaining Driver ID cards, please note the below:-

Drivers MUST have the correct documentation to enter the Port, without this entry will be refused.

  • Temporary ID Card – Driving Licence
  • Permanent ID Card – Two forms of ID are required - Driving Licence, plus Passport or birth certificate or EU ID Card

Drivers are required to have either a Temporary or Permanent Driver ID Card to enter the Port. Both Temporary and Permanent ID Cards can be requested at the Gate Service Office at a £32.79 charge which will be applied to the company that is linked to the Driver’s VBS booking and will appear on the monthly invoice.

In order for Haulage companies to have visibility on Driver ID charges being accumulated, an automated daily report is sent to registered hauliers via email.

Drivers arriving at the Port requiring a driver ID card should leave extra time for entering the Port and follow the instructions given by our Security Personnel.

All drivers arriving at the Port must have a valid VBS slot!

VBS Tariff

Download the full VBS service charges 

VBS booking charge will be applicable during peak times:

Monday - Friday

03:00 - 08:00 and 12:00 - 17:00

There will not be additional charges for weekend bookings. Bank holidays will be treated as normal week days, with peak times applicable to charges above.

  • First time drivers visiting the Port are issued a FREE temporary driver ID card valid for 28 days. During this period drivers are encouraged to apply online to receive a FREE permanent driver ID card
  • VBS booking charge will be £4.50 per booking (truck visit)
  • Late cancellation charge - £22.68
  • Expiry charge - £50
  • Unauthorised Passenger in Cab - £121.79
  • Requested container turning (per container turned - charge linked to VBS booking) - £31.17
  • Premium VBS booking charge Saturday 18:00 - Sunday 06:00 - £12.18

VBS charges - waiver requests

All requests to waiver VBS charges should be sent in writing to the Invoice Enquiries Team at and should include full justification for the request.

The waiver request will be reviewed and a decision taken within seven days. You will be notified of the outcome via email.

Please note: any requested waivers to VBS charges is considered against pre-booking of VBS slots which assists Port Users with a smooth and efficient delivery service within the Port.