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Pillars Of

Recognising the essential role that women and
the oceans play in our business and our future.

Oceans & women's empowerment

To Lead the Future of World Trade

We are investing in our business around the world, driving best practice, innovating and measuring progress, always seeking to do more. In 2018, we launched two new pillars building on our commitments and using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our framework to find innovative solution to issues.

Our two new pillars are Oceans and Women’s Empowerment. By investing in our people and communities we are again playing our part to advocate on these issues.


We partner with leading organisations and local communities to support women in their right to education, employment and health.
DP World 4 Women


#MentorHer is a campaign to support women in the workplace and help build networks that open opportunities. We empower women through mentoring sessions across our business, encouraging men and women to mentor and learn from each other.

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DP World 4 Women


Creating change requires us all to listen and to be active listeners. Companies thrive when everyone feels they participate. We seek feedback from women to ensure that all talent can contribute. We will seek feedback from colleagues to understand where we can develop - be it with facilities, policies, training to drive gender equality.

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DP World 4 Women


We want to celebrate women in the business and beyond. Shipping and logistics have been male-dominated industries, but there is great opportunity for change. We want to position DP World as a leader – the future of global trade – and highlight the roles women play in the business.

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DP World 4 Women


We have a strong and successful record in delivering community programmes that empower women. We want to focus more on women and girls in 2018 to ensure they get access to better education, health and employment. Raising awareness of our industry within our local communities and helping us build a talent pipeline for the future.

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Oceans Together

Partnerships to protect the marine environment

Our business depends on the sea, it is the artery of global trade and its well-being is key to our future. More than ever before, the state of our Oceans are being highlighted by the world’s media. So we have selected Oceans as an issue to highlight their importance to us all and to join hands with partners to focus attention on them.

We recognize the value and need in establishing partnerships to undertake robust ocean stewardship and combat marine pollution. Our experience and expertise across our network in marine environments will contribute to ocean conservation and support our commitment to protect the ocean’s natural resources as part of our sustainability programme, ‘Our World, Our Future.


World Ocean Council

DP World has become the first company in its sector to join the World Ocean Council (WOC) as part of its leadership journey to actively engage in the protection of the world’s oceans. By becoming a member of the growing international multi-industry alliance on ‘Corporate Ocean Responsibility’, DP World will commence, enhance and advance its role as a responsible leadership company. The WOC and DP World are working together to promote sustainable development in ocean protection and conservation.

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