DP World Biodiversity Statement

DP World Biodiversity Statement

Why Biodiversity is Important to Us

Biodiversity is understood as the variety and variability of life on earth and encompasses genetic, species and ecosystem diversity. It is a fundamental pillar for maintaining functional, balanced and healthy ecosystems and regulating climate change. The degradation and loss of biodiversity presents a very real risk not only to our climate, but also to mankind’s physical and economic well-being. Therefore, comprehensive climate action cannot be removed from addressing the threat posed by nature’s decline.

DP World is cognisant of its responsibility to nature and in actioning solutions that help to prevent biodiversity loss across our global operations on both land and in water. 

What We’re Going to Do

To manage our impact on biodiversity and contribute towards the safeguarding of nature, we will: 

  1. Continue to improve the understanding of our impacts on biodiversity to ensure that we establish the right goals and objectives and strategies to achieve them.
  2. Apply the Mitigation Hierarchy approach to avoid and minimize our impact on biodiversity, restore nature where possible, and offset unavoidable impact. This approach is already integrated into our environmental impact strategy, through standards and guidelines. We will continue to look for opportunities to strengthen these standards and guidelines and how they are implemented across our business divisions, to meet our ambition of achieving no net biodiversity loss for new developments.
  3. Refer to emerging frameworks such as the Science Based Targets for Nature (SBTN) and the Taskforce for Nature-Related Financial Disclosure (TNFD), as well as the IUCN’s Guidelines for Planning & Monitoring Corporate Biodiversity Performance, to guide us in further defining our approach to biodiversity management, governance, and reporting.
  4. Aim to integrate a nature-based solutions (NbS) approach into our management strategies to support biodiversity, manage climate change risk and maximize environmental, social and economic co-benefits.
  5. Implement our recently evolved oceans strategy framework as part of the DP World Group sustainability strategy 'Our World, Our Future' and its "Water” legacy pillar.
  6. Continue to work with strategic partners to help us to develop and deliver on our ambitions and elevate the need for biodiversity action more broadly.
  7. Take a leadership role in promoting ocean health and sustainability as part of the UNGC Ocean Stewardship Coalition and continue our commitment to the Ocean Stewardship Principles.
  8. Develop specific performance indicators that are reflective of our operations and facilitate a data-driven approach to decision making. 

Scope & Responsibilities

Our ‘Biodiversity Statement’ applies to DP World’ operations globally, including all our business units and subsidiaries. We will work with our internal and external stakeholders to ensure all parties are aware of our commitments and ambitions to meaningfully reduce impacts, restore and protect ecosystems and their biodiversity.

While the Group Head of Sustainability is the custodian of the Group’s Biodiversity Statement, they are supported at a management level by the Executive Sustainability Council. The Council is comprised of senior stakeholders from across the Organisation, and together will be responsible for providing oversight of the implementation of this Statement.

The Biodiversity Statement is in line with our Group-level sustainability strategies, existing strategic partnerships and guided by international frameworks and global guidelines for biodiversity conservation. It shall be reviewed and updated annually.