DP World Just Transition statement

DP World Just Transition statement

Why the Just Transition is important to us 

As the world transitions to a net-zero future, economies and societies will transform at pace to take advantage of decarbonisation technologies and sustainable systems. 

A Just Transition seeks to ensure that the substantial benefits of a green economic transition are shared inclusively and equally. This entails actively working to include those excluded from meaningful economic opportunities under the current system, and securing an equitable future for workers and their communities during the transition to a low-carbon economy. Achieving this involves engaging in social dialogue, providing social protection, and ensuring the availability of secure and decent jobs.

A resilient, sustainable, and globalised trading economy requires conscious participants throughout the value chain. DP World recognises its responsibility to support equitable economic growth, ensuring a better future for all. 

Framework for a Just Transition

We have identified four foundational themes that together serve as DP World’s Framework for a Just Transition:

  1. Inclusive Business Development: Fostering sustainable business growth through comprehensive environmental, social, and ethics factors.  
  2. Community Investment: Investing in people through skills training and education to support economic inclusion and new/green job creation, whilst developing community resilience in health, water and women empowerment. Additionally, enabling equitable, new/green and inclusive development, across the communities we operate in. 
  3. Employee Protection & Capacity Building: Improving working conditions, labour rights and upskilling through training for new/green skills whilst encouraging economic inclusion and job creation in an increasingly digital and automated future. 
  4. Supporting Sustainable Supply Chains: Collaborating with stakeholders and industry peers, governments, NGOs, suppliers, service providers and others to develop and implement initiatives and address systemic challenges for a more sustainable and equitable supply chain. 

Our Just Transition Commitment

To ensure a fair and inclusive climate transition, we will: 

  1. Enhance our Understanding: Continuously improve our understanding of shifts needed to support a fair and green transition, whilst considering the ethical, environmental and societal interdependencies across decarbonisation, sustainability, and automation as the business evolves. 
  2. Incorporate Social Risks and Opportunities: Ensure the consideration of social risks and opportunities within climate risk assessments and decarbonisation plans, as part of DP World’s “Our World, Our Future” strategy, to avoid and minimise the marginalisation of any groups or individuals. 
  3. Support Training Programs: Support training programmes to upskill and empower employees and community members.
  4. Utilise our Education Platform: Implement our recently launched Education Platform, to advance community and employee understanding of STEM and environmental subjects. 
  5. Facilitate Dialogue: Facilitate an open dialogue with industry partners and policymakers, to advance conversations that support the creation of new/green jobs.
  6. Scale Capacity-Building Programs: Continue to work with strategic partners to advance and scale capacity-building programmes, particularly those that support the adoption of new, green and digital skills in youth and women. 
  7. Promote and Advocate for Regulatory Frameworks: Take a leadership role in promoting and advocating for a robust regulatory framework for businesses to comply with and reporting frameworks for businesses to disclose against.
  8. Foster Financial Accessibility: Continue our commitment to ensuring available capital and financing for infrastructure and community development, through partnerships with financial and multilateral organisations.
  9. Develop Performance Indicators: Develop specific performance indicators that are reflective of our operations and facilitate a data-driven approach to decision-making and reporting against our commitments to ensure a fair and inclusive climate transition.
  10. Localise Our Approach: Support our business units on a localised approach to a just transition, providing guidance on enabling effective and transparent social dialogue where appropriate.
  11. Strengthen Supply Chain Resilience: Continue to strengthen supply chain resilience, through DP World’s core business operations, policies and practices to ensure the continued flow of trade and increased global prosperity by acting as a champion for a Just Transition.
  12. Support Emergency Response: Through our strategic relationships with emergency relief agencies and the Logistics Emergency Team (LET), we will support emergency response efforts and preparedness, in response to the increasing climate related emergencies occurring globally. 

Scope & responsibilities

Our ‘Just Transition Statement’ applies to DP World’s operations globally, including all our business units, regional offices or divisions in which we have operational control. We will work with our internal and external stakeholders to ensure all parties are aware of our commitments and ambitions to a fair and inclusive green economy. The Chief Sustainability Officer is the custodian of DP World’s Just Transition Statement, supported at a management level by the Executive Sustainability Council, comprising of senior stakeholders responsible for overseeing of the implementation of this Statement.