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Formula 1 & DP World

Smart logistics at every turn

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With a year-round calendar and a truly global footprint, Formula 1 is a sport that reflects the nature of our business. Through our leading smart logistics, we deliver the ingredients that make it possible.

Every 24 hours, we move over 190,000 containers across 73 countries. With more than 20 races spanning 20 countries, McLaren need a leading logistics partner who can deliver.

This partnership will see us reimagine their supply chain to make it faster, smarter and more sustainable than ever.


Our global reach and capabilities allow us to bridge the most complex supplier networks in F1 and beyond. From next-generation blockchain technology to seamlessly connected multimodal solutions, we deliver on McLaren Racing’s needs efficiently and sustainably, so they’re always race-ready.

BOD Member

“We take great pride in leading innovation in global supply chains and this partnership showcases our logistics capabilities alongside one of the most dynamic players in the sector.”

Daniel Van Otterdijk

Group Chief Communications Officer


As McLaren’s Official Logistics Partner, we explore the complexities and smart efficiencies behind the scences of the journey from Monaco to Barcelona, a European double header!

The F1 Summer Break brings challenges for teams across the Paddock. We look at what goes on at MTC during the break and how the smart logisitcs of DP World assist McLaren at every turn.


Our global automotive solutions are transforming how vehicles move to market by creating simpler and more resilient supply chains. As an integrated end-to-end logistics provider our global network enables tailored solutions for automotive customers.

Learn more about how we support the automotive sector.

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Disruptive technology

We’re at the cutting edge of disruptive technology. Our owned IT solutions cover the full range of automotive logistics services to meet the current and future needs of our customers.

Cross-market agility

Our transport covers road, rail, barge and air across the globe. This gives us cross-market agility, connecting your vehicles from your factory floor to your customer’s door.

Integrated logistics

As automotive logistics experts, handling 10% of the world’s vehicle cargo, we have the know-how and infrastructure to give us full visibility and control of our supply chains.