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Our global programme brings sustainability
into every aspect of our work.

our world, our future

Sustainability at the heart of everything

We put our planet first.

We believe that working in a sustainable and responsible way is essential to us building a strong business for our customers, our people and our society. Our World, Our Future is our global programme to bring sustainability into every aspect of our work.

We are investing in the long term in our ports around the world, and so drive best practice, invest in innovation and measure and report on our progress, always seeking to go further and do more. We focus on four commitments to:

• Minimise impacts on our environment by better managing natural resources and emissions

• Invest in our people by embracing diversity, encouraging personal development and providing them with the tools to drive change

• Ensure the safety of our people and strive for zero harm at work

• Build a vibrant, secure and resilient society through strategic investment in the issues that affect our people and our industry


Human Detection Sensors

Every DP World employee knows that safety is sacrosanct. We follow rules and procedures at each and every site to ensure that not just our staff but everyone entering DP World is safe. We work to eliminate potential for errors that compromise safety. Proximity sensors readily available in the market are not enough; we have incorporated systems that use advanced cameras and algorithms to identify when an object could be hit. These systems can account for inanimate objects (e.g. high-mast lights, camera towers, structures) but more importantly can identify people on the ground, so helping to prevent incidents.


DP World Hub

DP World Hub is a Centre of Excellence for training, learning, management, leadership and talent. We partner with best-in-class organisations to enable our people to build and develop their competencies and capabilities required for future business success. Our learning methods, tools, and delivery are relevant, accessible, and focused on outcomes, and provide holistic solutions for our people. It is our aim to attract, retain and develop the best talent in the world suited to our business.


Trade impact report

DP World published a trade impact report with EY on the role of its Dakar Container Terminal at the event, noting that 31,000 Senegalese nationals have been supported by the company’s activities with a 63 % increase in Dakar’s imports and exports between 2010 and 2015 as a result of infrastructure investments.

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Competency Programme

DP World has developed an industry-specifc Health, Safety and Environment (“HSE”) Competence Programme to enhance the competence and skill level of the current S&E practitioners and serve as a training tool for new recruits and other department functions across the DP World portfolio. The programme consists modules on incident investigation, risk management and emergency management. These subjects are essential to enabling the business to identify, understand and control the health and safety risk within new and existing business and to know how to prepare if controls fail.


Investing in our communities

Community investment is a major part of our sustainability and impact strategy, our main focus areas include Education, Health, Social Welfare and Marine protection. Investing in long term impactful initiatives and volunteering help connect our business units to the local communities. DP World is a member of LBG – this is an internationally recognized standard for measuring and reporting on community investment. In 2018, a total of 6,072 employees contributing 26,934 volunteering hours to benefit the communities around them.


Improving our carbon footprint

We continue to search for innovative ways we can reduce our environmental impact in order to make our operations more eco-friendly and efficient. One of our aims is to help reduce emissions in the global supply chain, and we are always collaborating with other stakeholders on issues around climate. We saw a 14% reduction in carbon emissions since 2011, as well as a 19% reduction in energy use.


Sustainability Assurance Statements 2019

DP World has a complex business structure with regional activities across continents. Its data collection methods – including a large network of business unit and regional Sustainability Champions.

Our World Our Future: Cargospeed Sustainability Reporting

Modern Slavery Act

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Our World Our Future: Modern Slavery Act

Group HSE Policy