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Forging genuine partnerships to support implementation
of the Sustainable Development Goals

Strategic Investments

How we tackle global issues

As a global business we have an opportunity and a responsibility to help the communities where we operate to build a vibrant, secure and resilient society. Under the umbrella of Our World, Our Future we achieve this aim by always looking for ways to strengthen our social impact.

We also study carefully the socio-economic and environmental impacts our presence has on the communities we work in, and adjust our operations with that information in mind.

We seek out opportunities for strategic community investment, looking for projects that will support prosperity and leave a positive legacy wherever we go. Finally, we also develop strategic partnerships with organisations to tackle global issues that are important to our industry.

DP World Sustainable Development Financing Framework

DP World operates a geographically diverse network of trade enabling businesses that provide access to some of the world’s busiest production centres, as well as the largest consumer centres in developed and emerging markets. By leveraging this geographical presence, we are strongly committed to being a world leader in sustainability and demonstrating this via triple-bottom line reporting on the environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) impact/s of our business.

As part of our commitment to sustainability we have developed a Sustainable Development Finance Framework in line with ICMA Green Bond Principles 2018, Social Bond Principles 2018, and Sustainability Bond Guidelines 2018 to offer to investors.

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The relationships helping us drive sustainability

Global Partnerships and Programmes: DP World United for Wildlife
Global Partnerships and Programmes: World Ocean Council
United for Wildlife

DP World is part of an industry taskforce launched by United for Wildlife that is aiming to encourage greater cooperation between stakeholders to tackle the
tragedy of the illicit wildlife trade.

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Logistics Emergency Team

DP World is part of the Logistics Emergency Teams (LET) providing pro bono expertise and resources to help the humanitarian community respond to major disasters.

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Go Green

Go Green Week is an annual collaboration with the world’s leading port operators to engage communities and people across its international portfolio in promoting environmental awareness.

IMPACT | 2030

DP World was the first company in the UAE to join IMPACT2030 and is now a Regional Voice Lead, driving awareness through workshops and partnering with other companies on volunteering projects.

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Making a positive difference through our initiatives

Global Partnerships and Programmes: Educational Programme
Global Partnerships and Programmes: United for Wildlife
Global Partnerships and Programmes: DP World Diversity Inclusion
Global Partnerships and Programmes: DP World Carpark
Global Education Programme

DP World has developed an innovative Global Education Programme for employees to deliver in local schools as part of their volunteering leave.

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Children’s Drawing Project

For over 14 years we have been running an annual drawing competition for children of our employees to promote key safety and environmental messages.

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Global Volunteer Week

In 2018, for our 5th Global Volunteer Week we had a target of 5000 volunteer hours and we were delighted to surpass this and achieve 6159 volunteering hours during work time.

Diversity & Inclusion

DP World is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive culture. In November each year employees are encouraged to to celebrate diversity and inclusion at their workplace.

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Solar Power Programme

Our rooftop solar installation project in Dubai is one of the largest in the Middle East and saves some 48,800 tonnes of carbon annually, providing enough clean power for 3,000 homes.

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