Saeed bin Jarsh Alsuwaidi

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Saeed bin Jarsh Alsuwaidi, Senior Manager – Commercial P&T

Meet Saeed bin Jarsh Alsuwaidi, who joined DP World after leaving university and has journeyed across the world as a part of the 20Xel Talent Development Programme. He now works as a Senior Manager – Commercial P&T.

“I have been with DP World since leaving university – and I have made amazing personal and career progress. A big part of my journey has been the 20Xel programme where I have had the opportunity to learn so much.

“The 20Xel Programme is an incredible leadership development initiative crafted by DP World. I had the honour of being selected for this prestigious program, which aims to prime young Emirati talents for executive roles within the organisation. Participating in the 20Xel Programme has granted me an invaluable perspective on DP World's various businesses from a management standpoint.

Building connections

“The 20Xel Programme has enriched my understanding in numerous ways. The exposure to global leadership, both within and outside DP World, has been instrumental. Building strong connections with my fellow 20Xel colleagues has been particularly rewarding, especially when collaborating on cross-functional projects.

“Working with DP World has been a source of immense satisfaction for me. The company's rapid growth and global presence provide a stimulating environment for continuous development and problem-solving. I find it invigorating to be part of an organisation with such ambitious aspirations and a far-reaching impact.

Enlightening experiences

“One of the most memorable experiences during the early stages of the programme was spending time on a DP World cargo vessel in Norway. This was an eye-opening encounter for someone like me, not well-versed in maritime operations. The insights gained from this experience into cargo vessel operations, their interactions with ports, and the maritime world as a whole were truly enlightening.

“Another cherished memory I've gained from the 20Xel Programme was my six-month assignment in Canada. This experience exposed me to a dynamic North American market and allowed me to lead the commercial aspects of a terminal operation.

“Looking ahead in my career, completing the 20Xel Programme has provided me with a diverse skill set and a broad range of experiences. My ambitions at DP World encompass continued growth and contribution across various departments, leveraging my expertise in areas such as People Development, Recruitment, Sales, Customer Service, Strategy and Safety. My journey at DP World has been nothing short of transformative, far beyond what I envisioned when I first joined the organisation.”