Hanoof Alsahaw

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Hanoof Alsahaw, Supervisor Terminal Operations, Jebel Ali, UAE

Meet Hanoof, our colleague and Operations Terminal Supervisor who has overcome her unique challenges to thrive in a specialised role. Discover how she defied expectations in a position supporting the wider team at Jebel Ali.

Finding acceptance at DP World

“Once I graduated from college, I was quite anxious about finding myself a job. Having been blind since I was three- or four-years-old, it is often hard to find people who are willing to take a chance with the unfamiliar, so opportunities aren’t easily available. My family encouraged me, and they have been my biggest supporters throughout. With their help, I felt the confidence to not give up and persist in applying for jobs even though, at first, I struggled to find anybody who wanted to hire me.

“However, when I applied to DP World my fortunes changed. Applying to DP World was immediately different to all the others, and I was over the moon when I received confirmation that I would get an interview. It filled me with confidence to finally be given a chance to put myself forward as a good candidate. In the interview, we talked about all I have to offer and shared ideas about what a path to success could look like. I was nervous but happy.

“Even more exciting, when I received their job offer, they told me that they would provide me with a programme and a work site of my own. I was thrilled to get started.”

Building a new role

“My role involves keeping track of equipment when it goes in for maintenance. I receive emails that include all equipment lists with all the details such as: when they take the equipment and what equipment is needed. I then communicate this important information to the management.

“To assist me in my role, I use my ‘Super Nova’ software that magnifies and acts as a screen reader. It’s a very helpful application that allows me to read everything on my computer. With this tool, I can track everything digitally as easily as a sighted person.

“I’m so proud of my new role, and how I overcame challenges to get here. I’m never made to feel ‘different’, which makes it easier to get on with my daily work, learn as much as can and do a great job along with my other colleagues. With DP World, alongside the support of my family, I’m leading a normal, productive life.”

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