Paper is on a roll and Brazil is set to sustain it

Paper is on a roll and Brazil is set to sustain it

We can't get enough of paper. Whether it's replacing plastic or improving hygiene, paper demand is on the rise and Brazil is set to fulfil it.

The paper sector's performance reflects an upward trend which has taken shape over the past few years and is now accelerating with the global pandemic. While the home office and online classes have caused a drop in demand for printing and writing paper, the pandemic has influenced a substantial demand for sanitary and personal hygiene products made of paper.

During the first months of the pandemic, cellulose demand jumped, and by the end of 2020 pulp production had to be increased to keep up as well. With eco-friendly products and hygiene now at the front of mind for many societies, demand for pulp and cellulose is set to maintain pace, making them key export commodities for Brazil.

That's where our new facilities at DP World Santos come in. In partnership with Suzano, we have built the most modern infrastructure hub for cellulose handling. Our new terminal warehouse can store up to 150,000 tonnes of raw material. The production and transport of these commodities also support a substantial local workforce, and we want to help these valuable resources create sustainable long-term value for Brazil and its people.

The biggest highlight? The entire project is specifically designed to be innovative, efficient and sustainable. All cargo is safely transported by rail through a modern railway station connected to the 35,000 sq.m warehouse. This facility enables seamless and safe export of goods to the wider world.

With a station built directly into the warehouse, Brazil’s vast rail network, (the 9th largest in the world) is on the doorstep! With no need for lorries, the carbon footprint of operations is reduced as well as transport time on congested roads. Not only that, the new station makes the facility accessible to jobseekers further afield too.

Smarter trade isn't just about moving goods faster; it's about using innovation and technology to make trade sustainable for the long term. Paper is set to play a huge role in the coming years as the world looks to reduce the use of plastics. With these new facilities, DP World Santos can confidently help Brazil and its people meet the much-needed demand for pulp and cellulose.

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