We're committed to being a world leader in sustainability.

Protecting our people and planet – today and tomorrow.

At DP World we are committed to changing what's possible by creating a positive economic and social impact wherever we work.

We are leading trade to a more sustainable future through our commitments that will make a positive impact now and for future generations to come.


Our Sustainability Strategy, "Our World, Our Future" ensures that we operate as a responsible business, prioritising sustainability and impact on people, the environment and the communities in which we operate to achieve a better, more socially equitable and sustainable future.


Climate change

From the scale of energy required to make and move goods to the resource intensity of logistics, we focus on measuring and managing our direct environmental impacts and preventing global climate change.

People and community

We are committed to investing in people. From our strong relationship with communities improving social outcomes to developing a culture that prioritises wellness in all aspects of work, we invest in and improve the communities in which we operate.


Aligning to SDG 4 and 5, we will provide access to quality education to youth, building the necessary skills and experience to compete in the evolving global market, so that no one is left behind.


Gender equality is a key legacy area – we are committed to making lasting positive impacts for women in our industry and those a part of our communities.


Water is integral to our business. We work for improving inclusivity and access to reliable clean water and are committed to safeguard ocean’s health, protect biodiversity and grow transformative water practices that contribute to a sustainable blue economy.


Preserving Puná Island's Mangroves For Water Sustainability


Our strong commitment to clear Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts carefully follow Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. Our goals not only provide clarity and accountability but also highlight our dedication to sustainable practices.

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Pathway to Net Zero

Last year, we reported a 4% drop in energy consumption and a 5% drop in CO2 emissions against our 2019 baseline. Our Gross Direct Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions fell by 4% from 3.23 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2021 to 3.11 million tonnes in 2022.


Driving Community Impact

In 2022, community contributions increased by 34% from 2021, as a result of several new strategic projects including UN Women, The Earthshot Prize, and in response to humanitarian emergencies.
255,828 women and girls were supported through our community projects.




We support UNICEF’s Upshift programme in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia to increase access to education.

The Earthshot Prize

Working with The Earthshot Prize, we fund and scale solutions to combat climate change. Examples include Coral Vita and Living Seawalls.

Barefoot College International

In Senegal, we work with Barefoot College International to train local women to become solar engineers – advancing the energy transition and empowering local communities.


We support WaterAid to deliver long-lasting WASH services and infrastructure, with an initial focus on Mozambique.


Climate Proofing the Supply Chain

Climate proofing the supply chain

We examine three climate scenarios, assessing the potential impact of weather hazards across 50 ports and terminals in our global portfolio.

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Bringing Climate Innovations in Finance and Trade to Life

Decarbonisation requires new alliances and networks to unlock financing and reinvent trade

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Changing the Perception of Water

Changing the perception of water

Water is crucial for life on Earth and vital for our well-being. Businesses, including ours, can play a significant role in changing how water is used.

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