DP World optimizes the supply chain of the future today

DP World optimizes the supply chain of the future today

Date: 07/09/2021

Jay Li, Director of Software Development

The mark of a solid global supply chain is its ability to stay resilient and profitable even during times of adversity. As customers' demands and desire for immediate gratification soar, it is paramount for companies to be digitally enhanced. So we bring speed and agility within the supply chain with technology at the core that supersedes customers' expectations, NOW. 

Solving for the fragmented and bumpy supply chain

The supply chain & logistics enterprise is extensively complex with multiple layers: operation process, customer expectations, business partner coordination, regulatory compliances, to name a few. Such complexity results in a long journey for cross-border shipments from their origin to destination, with over ten logistics service providers handling different functions. It is not uncommon for a trans-pacific intermodal freight to travel 90 days to reach its final destination. Shipments may get delayed due to data verification, cargo inspection, customs formalities, equipment shortage, vessel/vehicle capacity control, inclement weather, etc. It also becomes tough to track the status of shipments across all legs. These complications lead to frustration for multiple stakeholders across all levels. 

Technology enables interconnected and streamlined logistics services

We want to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate the customer experience by providing an end to end cargo tracking solution that seamlessly joins data from all logistics service providers, bringing unparalleled transparency and predictability to the logistics industry. Information is shared and validated in real-time, potential delays are detected and predicted with high confidence, collaborative decision-making becomes a reality, and cargoes can move free of disruptions.

We constantly look for new ways to improve the industry. As businesses evolve and technologies advance, new opportunities will continuously arise, demanding more unique approaches to reinvent and simplify the industry problems. Our goals are to develop more trusted relationships with our business partners, make better data-driven business decisions, and reduce time and cost waste through technology's backing.

Our goal, as the world's leading player in data-driven logistics is to permeate smart trade across borders via digital transformation. We build purposeful technologies to help push the industry forward. Even a slight improvement in our software system makes a significant impact on the industry.

The industry will see a domino effect of progressive trends in the next five years

In the post-COVID era, the first immediate transition seen is the rebalancing of the global supply chain. Consequently, the supply chain will shift from globalization to regionalization, considerably reducing shipping distance and lead time. Agility and flexibility will be the new norm for the global supply chain.

The second trend will be further consolidation and vertical integration in the space. To cope with the complexity of the global supply chain across many countries and multiple service providers, logistics companies will strive to provide fully integrated, one-stop service for their clients. DP World will lead port-centric logistics and help streamline and optimize the material and information flow to a new level.

Lastly, a more intelligent and automated supply chain will continue to advance. Driven by big data and artificial intelligence, many intelligent technology solutions will emerge to help create self-balancing, agile, and adaptive supply chains for companies of any size. Get limitless freedom to change the industry with your revolutionary ideas

Join DP World and make a global impact on the industry with your revolutionary ideas 

DP World is at the center stage of the next-generation supply chain evolution. We are developing some of the most innovative supply chain software systems powered by AI, blockchain, cloud, IoT, predictive analysis, among others. More importantly, our technology solutions can genuinely create a global impact with our worldwide footprint and vast scale.

Jay Li, Director of Software Development, and his team are building software products to develop the business ecosystem in the ports and logistics industry.