How remote working is keeping the world connected

How remote working is keeping the world connected

It’s likely that you’re reading this post from inside your home.

Across the world, the novel coronavirus has reconfigured how we go about our daily lives on an unprecedented scale. How we interact, keep busy, and crucially, stay productive.

And for many businesses – including a large percentage of employees at DP World – remote working is now imperative as a means of keeping ourselves and others safe. It might be tempting to feel like the world has come to a standstill.

Of course, that is not the case.

Goods must keep flowing and global trade systems must stay connected so that we can all access the provisions we need to continue working safely from home. We are proud of the essential work our operational employees are doing on-the-ground across the business to keep goods flowing at a time when the world needs them most.

At DP World, those of us working from home are conducting our roles remotely with as little disruption to our services as possible. And to stay energized, our teams are meeting regularly via virtual meetings, setting clear goals and objectives to give structure to their days, using online tools for efficient communication, and staying educated using our central webinars and e-learning tools.

We’re being flexible with our mindset too, adapting as we go, to ensure parents can support their families as much as their work, and that career objectives are being re-defined in this new context so that people are empowered to make the most of this new situation.

Big or small, there are many ways to stay motivated.

For me, this ranges from smaller things that inspire me, such as meeting my colleagues’ children as they make guest appearances in our virtual meetings, to always seeing our Chairman as the first to open the camera on our leadership calls. We’re all in this together.

That’s why I am so encouraged by our teams as they continue to find new ways of staying motivated during this time. So, as I continue to learn from and take ideas from employees across DP World, I am keen to hear how other people are finding new sources of creativity and inspiration from remote working.