Enabling Smarter Trade: DP World’s digital transformation journey

Enabling Smarter Trade: DP World’s digital transformation journey

Pradeep Desai, Chief Technology and Product Officer

Over the last few months, we have embarked on an exciting digital transformation journey, one that is set to change the way DP World does business globally. The landscape of the logistics industry is ever-evolving, with shifts big and small being driven by changing customer demands and the acceleration of technology adoption. At DP World, we are always at the forefront, anticipating and aligning with a changing landscape.

Our Chief Technology and Product Officer, Pradeep Desai, shares some insights into why digitalisation is imperative to our business and how we plan to bring it to life.

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A one-of-a-kind logistics offering

Our goal through this journey is to create a one-of-a-kind logistics offering, which seamlessly connects physical and digital infrastructures and ensures that we become a leading end-to-end logistics business. This will directly and positively impact our pursuit of expanding our presence in the supply chain – and in turn, grow our customer base.  

Through a connected product roadmap of physical and digital infrastructures that are DP World-owned as well as acquired, we will serve our customers and drive new revenue opportunities. 

We are in the process of building an unrivalled product and service offering that not only makes it easier for customers to manage their supply chains from start to finish, but also offers a unique integrated experience. 

We are also building and enhancing existing products that will help digitalise different aspects of our vision and will be streamlining these products together to provide a complete end-to-end offering. 

Our digital solutions 

Examples of this include the global wholesale e-commerce platform Dubuy.com, which serves as online marketplace that is integrated with our existing infrastructure. We’re also proud of our World Logistics Passport (WLP) programme, that offers the world’s first loyalty programme for traders and freight forwarders, counting more than 10 countries as part of its programme including Brazil, India and South Africa, amongst others, with major multinational corporations including UPS and Pfizer having signed up.  

We have also launched the Digital Freight Alliance which is an online network designed to connect freight forwarders around the world, and provide them with the most effective digital tools to enhance the growth of their business. Furthermore, CARGOES Flow, our enterprise multi-vendor tracking tool for intermodal shipments, benefits large cargo owners that are working with multiple logistics vendors at any given time.  

Additionally, to provide users with real-time information on vessel, gate, and yard movements, we created CARGOES TOS+ (Zodiac), an integrated platform encompassing all IT and operational systems under one umbrella.  

Our digital change strategy is ambitious, but achievable. It is something to be proud of and will fundamentally change the way we do business at every step of the customer journey.  

Pradeep Desai is Chief Technology and Product Officer at DP World.