Emirati and international coders to drive the UAE's future

An essential part of solving challenges in supply chains and beyond will be through technological advancements led by coders, developers, and engineers

DP World, the leading provider of worldwide smart end-to-end supply chain logistics, has been progressing its initiative to develop the capabilities of Emirati and international coders, developers, and engineers to drive the future of the UAE.

The initiative is part of its overarching strategy to deploy industry-leading technology to broaden its vision of a digitised, more efficient, transparent and resilient post-COVID world trade.

Dr. Mohamed Rahmah, Vice-President, Zodiac, represents DP World in the programme. He said: “The programmers & coders initiative acts as a key driver to tackle major challenges in the world of logistics and trade. Attracting and investing in the future of the UAE's technological advancements means we need to invest, attract and allocate the best global minds”.

DP World's coders are internationally available from South Korea to South America, with technical capabilities from AI, Blockchain to full-stack development and beyond. Innovative technology solutions such as CARGOES IoT+’s Digital Twin that leverage machine learning to simulate and improve the flow of containers through terminals shows the calibre of talent DP World attracts. 

Dr. Mohamed Rahmah’s team consists of some of the brightest minds in the industry that focus on smart port and terminal solutions.

 With a proven track record of successfully reducing inefficiencies in terminals, Dr. Mohammed Rahmah is well placed to lead this initiative for UAE.

DP World is a pivotal partner of the Government-led initiative to support nationwide efforts to attract a new generation of programmers and coders to the country, in line with the UAE’s growth strategy and the Fifty-Year Charter.

About DP World

We are the leading provider of worldwide smart end-to-end supply chain logistics, enabling the flow of trade across the globe. Our comprehensive range of products and services covers every link of the integrated supply chain – from maritime and inland terminals to marine services and industrial parks as well as technology-driven customer solutions.  

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