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Scalable, flexible and reliable, our global multimodal supply chain solutions move perishable goods end-to-end around the world without risk and delay.

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Focused on freshness

Supply and demand for perishable goods fluctuate in any environment. But by their nature, perishables need to be moved quickly and reliably. We know our customers need scalable solutions and swift communication to ensure their stock is delivered in its freshest form and without any spoiled products. That’s why our deep sector experience and solutions make sure products swiftly move from factory floor to customer door.



USD 6.43 billion

Perishable goods transportation market share is expected to increase by USD 6.43 billion from 2021 to 2026 .


1.70 million square meters

DP World’s flagship freezone in Dubai, Jafza has a total space of combined facilities dedicated to the food and agriculture sector that spans an impressive 1.70 million square meters.


600 companies

Within this vast space, we are privileged to host 600 companies from over 70 countries, making it a truly global hub for F&B enterprises.


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New partnership to enable optimisation of global food supply chain

A new partnership agreement between two of the world’s leading trade and logistics providers aims to support the largest food companies in the world with a new standard in global distribution – from farm to fork.

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DP World expands European inland network through Swissterminal tender success to operate three Alsace ports

DP World has significantly expanded its European inland network, adding three key ports in the Alsace region through its affiliate company, Swissterminal.

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Responding to the avocado boom

Optimising the cold chain will be key in response to fast-changing consumer and lifestyle habits.

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Some of the world’s largest and most recognisable perishable goods businesses trust us to deliver on their supply chain needs across their entire value chain. We do this by offering specialised supply chains solutions such as cold chain storage in a door-to-door service. And our technology and monitoring such as our GPS tracking allows our reefer trailers and containers to provide transit quickly, hygienically and safely.
DP World’s comprehensive perishables logistics solutions allows us to monitor goods throughout the process. For example, following the introduction of DP World CARGOES digital platform, enterprises have been able to collaborate with customs and financial institutions directly transforming container vessel waiting times from weeks to hours. This has made trade of perishable goods much more possible for those doing e-commerce.
From door-to-door reefer services to global data monitoring that can tell the temperature in a container thousands of miles away, our smart global network brings the benefit of connectivity and speed to the customers who need it most. Additionally, our global network of digitally-integrated cool-chain (10°C to 20°C) and cold-chain (-29°C to +13°C) warehouse facilities handle perishables in a secure and controlled environment.

Our range of tracking systems can monitor every element of the supply chain down to the temperature in our reefer containers and our world-class IT infrastructure ensures that customers have access to transparent data across all services. For example, CARGOES FLOW by DP World is an enterprise tracking tool for intermodal shipments that gives customers supply chain visibility, mitigate delays and monetary risks.