Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare solutions

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Our agile transport network and medical cold chain logistics make quality healthcare solutions accessible across the world, from leading markets to remote communities.


Our global reach and multimodal assets give us end-to-end supply chain control, so your goods get to your customers fast. Using our tailored solutions such as cold chain technology, we deliver vital supplies in safe conditions that saves lives. We’re in tune with the evolving needs of the sector, making healthcare access possible every day.



250+ facilities

250+ facilities in over 30 countries


2 billion

Gave UNICEF free worldwide access to our logistics services, delivering two billion vaccine doses in hard-to-reach nations


42 markets

Strategic Alliance with Ubipharm provides access to 42 markets in Africa.


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Making healthcare equity a reality

Making healthcare equity a reality

Healthy societies transform economies. Yet the pandemics of the past few years demonstrated that our healthcare infrastructure is not strong enough to make this a sustainable reality – particularly for developing markets.

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Future of medical supply chain

The future of the medical supply chain

Supply chain flexibility is key to personalised healthcare in the future.

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What's next for the PPE supply chain

What's next for the PPE supply chain?

PPE is vital in the COVID-19 pandemic and logistics proved to be key in delivering this equipment around the world.

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Our logistics partnership with UNICEF enabled equitable access to the Covid-19 vaccine and immunisation supplies for the world’s developing countries. We procured two billion Covid-19 vaccines through our state-of-the-art warehouse facilities in Dubai. From here, we transported these supplies via cold chain solutions to remote communities in Africa and India, making healthcare accessible to all.

DP World's logistics partnership with UNICEF for healthcare



DP World believes trade is a force for good – like healthcare. We are aligned with your sector in this vision and have years of experience in healthcare logistics to prove it. Our end-to-end global network offers visibility, efficiency and connectivity, ensuring your life-changing products can reach more people every single day – no matter where they are.

As part of our end-to-end innovations, we are bolstering links between our customers, our transport and our terminals to expedite trade. We collaborate with customers to create cold chain storage solutions and specialised technology for various drug requirements. Further, our skilled teams integrate with your teams so you can rest assured that your goods are handled safely at every step.

DP World harnesses technology to automate trade flows and boost visibility through our supply chains. From deploying AI warehouse robots to select products accurately for fulfilment to cargo tracking technology, our digital tools are changing what’s possible for trade. We can even detect and pre-empt temperature fluctuations in reefer containers, helping us preserve volatile medical goods throughout the supply chains.
Our healthcare services sit within our integrated global network – an infrastructure built on efficiency. As part of our net zero 2050 goals, we are electrifying all our terminals, eliminating carbon emissions at these vital trade hubs. Where possible, we endeavour to use rail and barge transport to deliver more of your goods with less environmental impact.

We understand how crucial it is that healthcare and pharmaceutical products are handled properly. From our terminals to our trucks, vessels and barges, we maintain these standards in line with your guidance, communicating with you to maintain the right conditions for your goods. We work with distributors to pass on this information and deploy our technological solutions to automate chilled environments for pharmaceuticals.