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The changing
trade landscape

As we evolve in a more integrated world, we tailor
ourselves to our customers' needs.

Business Model

To lead the future of world trade

Our strategy is to provide clear guidance on how we aim to lead the future of world trade. Our vision is to maximise shareholder value through leveraging our portfolio of world-class infrastructure assets, strengthen global supply chains and generate sustainable economic growth.


How we deliver our business

Ports and Terminals

Strategy: DP Prince Rupert - Global Terminal

To meet the needs of dynamic global supply chains, DP World develops and operates trade-enabling, strategically located and state of the art infrastructure and services, including marine terminals, inland terminals, and cruise terminals.

Parks, Logistics and Economic Zones

Strategy: London Gateway - Global Logistic hub and Economic Zone

To provide end-to-end customer experience, we deliver integrated solutions across the containerised value chain, including industrial parks, economic zones, and logistics services.

Maritime Services

Strategy: DP Hong Kong - Maritime Services

To complement our global trade services, we provide maritime solutions through a wide portfolio of specialist vessels, river barging, chartering and port services. To leverage our experience, we are developing world-class marinas for yachting enthusiasts.


How We Lead Our Business

Customer Relationship and Operational Excellence

Our customers are a central focus and to ensure they remain completely satisfied with our global portfolio, DP World continually strives to improve and enhance its services; this operational excellence provides industry-leading processes and systems to benefit all our customers.

People, Culture and Safety

The DP World Institute runs training and development programmes globally for employees and industry professionals across the supply chain. We have taken steps to further embed a culture that nourishes diversity and innovation and DP World is fully committed to zero harm to people and creating a safety culture throughout the Group.

Community and Environment

DP World has made a major long-term investment, through the “Our World, Our Future” programme, to drive best practice and foster innovation in sustainability around the world. We have commitments and action plans to protect our environment and take steps towards building a vibrant, secure and resilient society.

Finance, Governance and Risk

We adopt the highest standards of professionalism and ethical behaviour throughout the Group. As a global organisation, the corporate governance policies followed by DP World are compatible with international best practice. Our approach to understanding, measuring and managing risk and returns from our investments helps to maintain our status as an industry leader.

Technology and Innovation

We invest in technology and innovation to provide our customers the best experience, build differentiated capabilities, and optimise our operations. We focus on applying cutting edge technologies that will transform performance such as big data and analytics, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

Our Strategic Objectives

Drive profitable and sustainable
growth through a world-class
portfolio of assets and services

Develop new revenue streams
through acquiring new customer
segments and service portfolio

Maintain strategic advantage
through investing in digital
and innovative opportunities