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Bringing the world
closer together

Connecting countries, markets, businesses and people.

what we do

to lead the future of world trade

What We Do: Bringing the world closer together

We help economies grow and nations prosper.

Our dedicated team of over 56,000 employees from 134 countries cultivates long-standing relationships with governments, shipping lines, importers and exporters, communities, and many other important constituents of the global supply chain, to add value and provide quality services today and tomorrow.

how we do business

Qualities that matter

What We Do: DP Mundra cargo logistics

We work to keep trade moving.

We’ve put customer focus and operational excellence at the top of our priorities as we work to keep global trade moving. We are always searching for new ways to do things better and our achievements don’t happen by accident. We think ahead and reimagine what future supply chains may look like.

We invest in new technologies and disruptive innovation, always seeking the edge that will help us lead the future in world trade. We don’t do it alone. Our people and our culture are essential components in helping us achieve our ambitious goals. We draw constantly on the extensive expertise of our global workforce and actively encourage our colleagues to engage in the training and development opportunities we offer.

We pride ourselves on encouraging diversity, welcoming innovation and creating an environment where people feel empowered to go beyond expectations. When we invest in a location and its community, we do so because we’re seeking partnerships that create long-term value and opportunities for everyone.

We also believe strongly that we must protect our people and our planet, and we do it by working to stringent safety and environmental standards that we believe are world-class.Through these approaches we are building sustainability into our business and engaging responsibly with all of our stakeholders.

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78Marine & inland
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Ports & Terminals

DP World develops and operates trade-enabling, strategically located and state of the art infrastructure and services to meet the needs of dynamic global supply chains. Our ports and terminals provide a wide range of services in 78 locations across 40 countries on six continents including container and cruise terminals and inland container depots.

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Maritime Services

Our Maritime Services Division completes our portfolio with a wide range of specialist vessels such as tugs and pilot boats, river barging, chartering, research vessels for governments and port services coupled with rig, ship building and repair expertise. We are also developing world class marinas to create a lifestyle destination for yachting enthusiasts.

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Parks, Logistics and Economic Zones

Our Parks, Logistics and Economic Zones Division delivers business solutions for companies including industrial parks, free zones, economic zones, land banks and logistics, creating environments for them to expand and develop.

What We Do: DP World Vancouver Cargo Transport

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