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How frozen food helps a warming planet


How frozen food can help a warming planet


The Move to -15°C is an industry-wide campaign that intends to redefine the temperature that frozen food is stored and transported globally from -18°C to -15°C.

Since being founded and launched by at COP28 by DP World, the Move to -15°C has been established as an independent Coalition led by international cold chain expert, Thomas Eskesen. The Coalition’s aim is to unite the industry ahead of the 2050 net zero goal, and to drive collaboration to cut greenhouse gases and lower supply chain costs.

To date, the Move to -15°C has seen significant support from leading names across global shipping, logistics and trade, and intends to grow its network of members to include representatives from every stage of the frozen food supply chain.

To find out more and join the coalition visit the Move to -15°C

Join the Move to -15°C


Every year, global logistics companies move millions of tonnes of frozen food at a temperature of -18°C. This international standard temperature was established almost a century ago, but logistics and technology have evolved significantly in the decades since.

In 2023, DP World partnered with experts from the International Institute of Refrigeration, the University of Birmingham, London Southbank University, and others to review this temperature standard for the sector.

This research found that a small change of three degrees could make a big impact – and all without compromising on food safety. It would…


Cut 17.7 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year – the equivalent of taking 3.8 million cards of the road annually


Save 5 – 7% of annual energy usage throughout the cold chain – and potentially as high as 12% in some areas


Enable global energy savings of approximately 25 terawatt hours per year – the equivalent to 8.63% of the UK’s annual energy consumption

But no one company can make this change alone, which is why the Move to -15°C is bringing industry together to collaborate and reset frozen food temperature standards globally.

To play your part in decarbonizing the frozen food supply chain, visit the Move to -15°C to download the research and join the Coalition.

Join The Move To -15°C

Chief Sustainability Officer - Maha AlQattan

“We believe this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change what is possible in the cold chain to benefit of all. And we know that it will take all of us in the industry, working together, to make this change.”

Maha AlQattan

Group Chief Sustainability Officer, DP World