Growing businesses through digital logistics solutions

In a world where the biggest names in business tend to be cutting-edge companies bringing out major consumer products, we tend to forget about the players from industries that – while not as glamorous – are vital to the day-to-day functioning of our communities.

Such businesses require robust and stable supply chains designed to suit customer needs in the age of e-commerce. That is why we are constantly innovating by changing what’s possible and bringing out a range of services and solutions, including our CARGOES suite of products that are helping create faster and better supply chains.

Santosh Starch Products is a prime example. One of the largest producers and manufacturers of specialist and modified starches in India, the 70-year-old company provides key products used in a wide variety of sectors from ordinary paper to caramel for your chocolates to oil well drilling. And their customer base extends out to over 44 countries.Given their wide product offerings and geographic spread, they need seamless supply chains to efficiently meet the growing demands of customers. And it’s this need that saw the company become one of the pioneers to use our platform and become its loyal user.

Manchukonda Agrotech is another business that has benefitted from our platform. The company has been using CARGOES Logistics to export basmati rice from the Indian port cities of Mundra and Chennai to GCC markets. For Manchukonda, the platform’s ability to provide instant quotes (thereby eliminating the need to interact with multiple vendors) has resulted in improved operational efficiency and providing all-inclusive pricing to customers in no time.  

Apart from ease of use, the knock-on benefits of using is that both Santosh Starch Products and Manchukonda also get to leverage our end-to-end logistics solutions, from customs clearance and container stuffing at the Mundra Container Freight station to shipping from our Mundra Port Terminal to Jebel Ali. In the case of Santosh Starch Products, we can now proudly say that we have been entrusted with handling the company’s entire supply chain.

Making sure all players have equal opportunities to move cargo seamlessly is a fundamental requirement in our global economy. Easier the movement, greater the benefit for everyone, be it a manufacturer or consumer. And this is what innovation is all about – making changes so they have maximum and widespread impact.