Terminals in the Port of Santos join hands for Santos beach cleanup campaign

Terminals in the Port of Santos join hands for Santos beach cleanup campaign

Date: 04/09/2019

Environmental initiative is led by the port companies Brasil Terminal Portuário, DP World Santos, Ecoporto Santos, Ecopátio and Santos Brasil.

Competitors in the sector, but allies for a greater cause. This is the spirit that will unite, for the first time, the four largest port operators at the Port of Santos. All this because of the “World Cleanup Day,” observed on September 21 and part of the Go Green campaign, a global movement aimed at making companies more sustainable by reusing resources, recycling waste and raising awareness about climate changes and environmental responsibility.

This is the fourth edition of the event, which is linked to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Currently, more than 150 countries participate in the initiative, which, since 2015, has been held in Santos with support from DP World and Brasil Terminal Portuário. However, this time the movement will gain further impetus with the participation of Ecoporto, Ecopátio and Santos Brasil, whose contribution will be through the volunteer work of their employees.

The cleanup, which will be conducted on the Santos beachfront, will also receive support from the Municipal Government of Santos, the Brazilian environmental agency IBAMA and the Mar Azul Institute, among other partners.

Including previous years, more than 400 kilos of waste have already been collected, especially “micro waste,” such as cigarette butts, caps and beverage seals, plastic straws and even pieces of polystyrene. All this waste is sorted according to the type of material and properly disposed of.

A study by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) showed that Brazil is the world’s fourth biggest producer of plastic waste.

According to the Municipal Environment Department of Santos, around 18% of all the waste produced in the city is recycled. “This percentage places Santos as one of the cities in Brazil that recycle the most. That’s why initiatives such as the World Cleanup Day are very important, as they reinforce the message of a healthy and balanced environment,” said the municipal environment secretary, Marcos Libório.

Dallas Hampton, CEO of DP World Santos, praises the unity among companies and points out that, despite the competition in the sector, everyone has the common goal of seeking a more sustainable world. “Through the Go Green initiative, we are encouraging society to reflect upon this. We want people to understand that small gestures can help transform the planet,” he said.

Ricardo Arten, CEO of Brasil Terminal Portuário, states that: “We are aware of our potential to transform the reality we live in. This is very much present in BTP; after we have the legacy of being responsible for recovering one of the largest environmental liabilities in the State of São Paulo.

For us, sustainability is more than a priority. It is in our DNA and permanently caring for the environment is certainly the best way to being increasingly competitive. We are very happy to participate in this action alongside our colleagues at the Port of Santos.”

“Ecoporto Santos and Ecopátio have environmental preservation among their core values.” We carry out our activities with the commitment to the sustainable use of natural resources in order to ensure alignment with the best sustainability practices in the market,” said Philippe Masse, CEO of Ecoporto Santos and Ecopátio. “We are delighted to participate once again in such an important initiative as the World Cleanup Day, since it is a civic action that is line with what we believe in, which is to drive immediate changes and inspire everyone to implement more lasting measures. We are counting on the presence of everyone on September 21. Come join us in this beautiful initiative.”

“As signatories to the UN Global Compact, we firmly uphold our commitment to sustainable development and work intensively in this regard. In 2018, our waste generation fell 3%, our greenhouse gas emissions decreased 6% and our water consumption fell 25% compared to the previous year. Participating in the World Cleanup Day is one more way of contributing to sustainable development and environmental balance in the region,” said Antônio Carlos Sepúlveda, CEO of Santos Brasil.

Information: World Cleanup Day

Date: September 21

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Meeting point: Praça das Bandeiras, Gonzaga district, Santos.

Route: Santos beachfront, between Gonzaga and the Municipal Aquarium

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