Whistleblowing Hotlines

Whistleblowing Hotlines

The Whistleblowing Hotlines listed below can be accessed at no cost, 24/7. All reported information will be analyzed and treated in a confidential, objective, and professional way. Find below the difference between them:

"Fala, Integrante!"

“Fala, Integrante!” is a DP World Santos channel for you to feel safe to report situations of internal conflicts, ethical and behavioral issues involving members and/or line managers, situations of harassment, bullying, discrimination, aggression, and any other violation of procedure.

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"Speak Up" is a channel for all DP World members and other people with whom and for whom we work, who wish to confidentially report issues related to fraud in the corporate environment, identified in the Company or in relation to its business.

Report Here

Free calls: 0800 591 7246

Report directly on the website: dpworld.ethicspoint.com (select your preferred language at the top of the page)

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