Women in port: DP World professionals occupy unprecedented positions and share successful trajectories

Women in port: DP World professionals occupy unprecedented positions and share successful trajectories

Date: 08/03/2024

Considered the largest port in Latin America, the Port of Santos is also a hub for the development of the female workforce. At DP World Brazil, one of the largest and most modern multipurpose port complexes in the country, women are encouraged to seek leadership within the terminal. DP World is the only terminal on the Santos pier to have a female carrier operator and a female side operator. The company is also committed to the development of women and promotes specific initiatives to develop female careers.

Over the past 10 years of DP World's presence in Brazil, the number of women in the company has increased by more than 200%. Today, the terminal has 297 women on staff, who are present in the administrative areas (Financial, Legal, Commercial, Human Resources, Environment, etc.) and in operations, with 41% of female employees performing operational functions, which traditionally were mostly occupied by men.

The terminal also celebrates the more than 30 women who hold leadership positions, marking a 30% increase over the past five years. Positions include supervisors, coordinators, managers, and directors. Only last year, 77 women were hired and 25 were promoted.

Commitment to gender equity

The theme “Female Empowerment” makes up one of the three main legacy areas that the DP World Group defined in its Sustainability strategy, based on the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG5). The objective is to create career opportunities for women, in addition to generating a positive and lasting impact on the members’ careers. “We are proud to be pioneers in valuing women in the Port of Santos. We work consistently to improve female representation in the company and bring discussion about the importance of diversity to our daily lives”, comments Alcino Therezo, People Director at DP World.

To support these initiatives, the Group has mentoring programs, such as MentorHer, which consists of mentoring sessions with senior professionals for women on career advancement. In five editions, the program has certified more than 50 participants. In 2022, for example, professionals dedicated more than 4,500 hours to training, including training for the 44 ITV (truck) operators in partnership with SENAI (National Industrial Apprenticeship Service), which corresponds to 38% of the women present in the operation, with an investment of more than R$65 thousand.

Discover some standout stories: 

Paula Bispo de Santana has been a side operator (Capatazia) since 2022, becoming the first woman to hold this position at the terminal and Port of Santos. Before that, she was an operation assistant for two years. In her current role, Paula actively assists in the loading and unloading operations of ships and trucks at the terminal, ensuring a safe and effective process. In practice, she is responsible for docking and undocking ships, tying them to the pier, so well as removing and placing the so-called “nuts” (the part that joins the beams of containers), and positioning steel cables, hooks, among other tasks, in oversized containers or loose cargo. She also supports the rear, driving small forklifts to the dock, when necessary, to transport materials and tools.

Fabiana do Nascimento Almeida has been with DP World since 2012 and is the first and only container operator for DP World and the Port of Santos. Previously, she operated the RTG for seven years and the crane at the DP World Santos pulp complex for one year. In 2013, Fabiana went to DP World Callao, in Peru, where she received training in operating port equipment. She completed her training in Brazil, with the assistance of a trainer from Peru and by using simulators installed in the terminal itself. DP World was Fabiana’s first contact with the port sector. She previously worked in the administrative area of other companies.

Patrícia Silva de Oliveira, 37 years old, is an operations supervisor. In 2011, she decided to enter the logistics field through a technical course. Despite having high expectations while working at the port, she faced some obstacles and returned to the surveillance area. Motivated by a friend's suggestion, Patrícia got a type D driver's license to drive a bus. Soon after, she joined the Piracicabana company as a bus driver, where she remained for five years. The desire for greater challenges led her to obtain a type E driver's license to drive trucks. In 2019, she sent her resume to DP World, where she was hired as an ITV Operator (internal truck). For two years, she closely observed the operation before being promoted to the role of Equipment Monitor and later to Operations Supervisor. The port has opened doors that Patrícia never wants to close, especially when she looks around and sees other women on the pier, operating machines, inspecting cargo, leading teams, among other activities that were once considered masculine. “I hope to inspire other women who still don't know where to start. Even if it seems crazy to others, if it’s your desire, go for it,” she says.

Juliana Bambini has a long history at the terminal. Having been at the company for almost 14 years, she joined as an intern, and is now Legal Manager. When she started her career at DP World, the company had just 26 employees and was limited to a small office in the center of Santos and on the pilot landfill, where the terminal would later be built. After completing the internship period in 2012, she was hired as a permanent member. During her time at the company, she gained professional maturity and acquired more responsibilities at work. Juliana participated in the first group of women in the MentorHer program, which provided very positive results with the exchange of knowledge and experience with her mentor.

Daniela Zicari Di Monte arrived at DP World Logistics (the company's logistics subsidiary) in 2022 to assume the position of Director, strengthening the company's operations in the Non Vessel Operator Common Carrier (NVOCC) segment. She brings over than 20 years of experience in the global maritime industry, having worked in multinational companies. Her expertise includes P&L Management, integrated logistics, NVOCC solutions, as well as proficiency in maritime, air, and land services. Additionally, she has experience with shipowners, commercial routes, pricing, sales, and marketing.