DP World Santos signs partnership with Maré Mangue Project of the Gremar Institute

DP World Santos signs partnership with Maré Mangue Project of the Gremar Institute

Date: 30/06/2022

By sponsoring the project, the company collaborates with the rescue and recovery of marine and wild animals promoted by the Gremar Institute

DP World Santos became godmother with gold certification of the Maré Mangue Project of the Gremar Institute. Since 2004, the project performs environmental monitoring, rescue and rehabilitation of victimized animals, besides environmental education, training and assistance to fauna environmental emergencies.

By supporting the Maré Mangue Project, DP World Santos contributes to the maintenance of the daily work of the initiative, providing resources for the onboard monitoring of the Santos Region Estuary, as well as the rescue of fauna and support for research in the entire region. Weakened animals are sent for care and analysis. Currently, the project cares for approximately 30 individuals per month and promotes necroscopic and impact analyses of marine pollutants.

DP World Santos has a long history of environmental control and monitoring, with 22 programs aimed at this purpose. According to Alcino Therezo Junior, Director of the People Department at DP World Santos, reconciling economic development with sustainability is part of the company's DNA.

The initiative meets three of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, a global agenda that establishes commitments to be reached by 2030.

“Supporting this project of the Gremar Institute is part of our concern in developing and investing in environmental preservation. Since the beginning of the terminal implementation works, in 2006, we have already invested around R$ 12 million in more than 30 projects directed to the fauna and flora of the region. Among the actions we have carried out are the rescue of more than 35,000 plants and seeds, the reuse of biomass and vegetable waste, and the monitoring of sandbanks and mangroves," explains Alcino.