DP World Santos and FGV promote new program on port logistics for students

DP World Santos and FGV promote new program on port logistics for students

Date: 06/10/2023

With an immersive experience and lectures from leading professionals in the sector, around 40 students from the undergraduate Business Administration program will close their program this October.

Students from the undergraduate Business Administration program at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) have taken part in a new course on infrastructure and logistics, focused on the Port of Santos, in recent months. Entitled “O Porto de Santos: Infraestrutura Logística e a Competitividade Brasileira nas Cadeias Globais” [The Port of Santos: Logistics Infrastructure and Brazilian Competitiveness in Global Chains], the program is now part of the Business Administration degree program and was carried out in partnership with DP World in Brazil, a global company that operates one of the largest and most modern multipurpose port complexes, located on the left bank of the Port of Santos.  

The class, who presented their theses on Friday, October 6, took part in an on-site immersion experience at DP World Santos. Around 40 students had the opportunity to visit the terminal between October 3rd and 4th, where they were able to learn about port operations and processes in detail.

Fábio Siccherino, CEO of DP World in Brazil and a professor at FGV, points out that the program provides a unique opportunity for students to experience first-hand the complexity and importance of the Port of Santos for the Brazilian economy. "We are committed to contributing to the training of highly qualified professionals in the field of logistics and port operations. This program, in addition to all the theory, has the added advantage of providing students with a unique experience of understanding the workings of a major terminal in person. An unprecedented opportunity for those who want to pursue a career or deepen their knowledge of logistics and infrastructure," he says.

In addition to exchanging knowledge with professionals from DP World, during the visit the students had the opportunity to attend exclusive lectures by professionals from local authorities and companies that operate in the Port of Santos, in yet another opportunity to exchange experience and get hands-on experience of the business. The lectures were attended by:

  • Flavia Takafashi, Director of Antaq (National Water Transport Agency)
  • Bruno Orlandi, Santos Secretary for Public Affairs
  • Anderson Pomini, President of the Santos Port Authority
  • Bruno Fonseca, Vice-President of Praticagem do Brasil
  • Pedro Palma, Vice-President of Rumo
  • Tania Heck Trotta, Director of Operations and Commercial Services at General Mills
  • Commander Luis Fernando Resano, Executive Vice-President of ABAC (Brazilian Association of Cabotage Shipowners)

The Port of Santos, the most important port in Brazil and the largest port complex in Latin America, is the focus of this subject. Responsible for approximately 25% of Brazil's trade balance and with an area of economic influence that represents around two thirds of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the Port of Santos plays a crucial role in the national economy.