DP World Santos Wins Environment and Quality Awards

DP World Santos Wins Environment and Quality Awards

Date: 17/11/2022

DP World Santos has won the Atmosphere Award for its Zero Landfill project at the GRI Infra Awards, which focuses on innovation, positive social and environmental impact, and is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Zero Landfill project is reusing 100% of the waste generated by the terminal and was chosen as the winner of the Atmosphere Award with competition from 177 other companies.

The terminal located in the Port of Santos is a pioneer in the reduction of carbon emissions and were rewarded for this innovative work at the award ceremony, which took place on November 17th, in São Paulo, Brazil. The event and awards are organized by the GRI Club, an organization that creates networking and conferencing opportunities in the global real estate and infrastructure sectors.

The Zero Landfill project focuses on non-recyclable waste such as yard refuse, toilet paper, and organic materials, transforming them into thermal energy – that is, into fuels for industrial kilns in cement production. Our Santos team also reuses other waste through recycling, effluent treatment, co-processing, composting, oil re-refining, and reverse logistics.

Also in November, DP World Santos attended the 9th CIDESPORT – International Congress on Port Performance, in Florianópolis, southern Brazil. On the occasion, the terminal won second place in the CIDESPORT 2022 Award, which recognized the public ports and private terminals with the highest number of quality certifications. Alcino Therezo, Director of People and Sustainability at DP World Santos, was one of the speakers at the Congress and received the trophy together with Gabriel Setten, Corporate Communications Manager.